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September 2016


International Conference on Responsible Research in Education and Management and its Impact Dates: 13th – 15th January 2016 Venue: Grange City Hotel, London (UK) The London School of Management Education held its second International Conference in January 2016 based on the theme ‘Responsible Research in Education and Management and its Impact’. Over eighty delegates from nineteen different countries attended this Conference. The...
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The London School of Management Education (LSME) has organised two London based International Conferences in 2015 and 2016 and a joint Conference with the Panjab University in India in August 2016. LSME is currently planning a fourth International Conference for April 2017. Researchers and delegates from the Social Sciences, Humanities and Education have been actively participating in...
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Health and Social Care Studies refers to the whole of the Health Care with complex acute care delivered in hospital settings and the social support provision infrastructure in the public and private sector. The health and social care sector is the largest sector in the UK, with nearly four million employees (1). With the growing demand for health and social care services...
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Are teachers born or made? Find out by visiting the London School of Management Education in East London. If you are thinking about your future career or planning to change to a new career, why not consider teaching. Many people go through life imparting knowledge and skills either directly of indirectly to others. Teaching is...
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