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May 2018


An estimated four million people have been identified with various types and degrees of learning difficulties (Lyness, 2013). A significant majority of them tend to cope with more than one type of learning difficulty. Learning difficulties can be considered as neurological challenges that affect the way and manner which the individual’s brain receives, process, stores...
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We all love great leaders, inventors, scientists, scholars, athletes, sportsmen, doctors, musicians, actors and actresses etc. who were successful. But do you know why they were successful? They never gave up but persisted until they were successful. Perseverance is being persistent in doing something despite the setbacks, difficulties or delay in realizing your target. Ask...
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In the next two to three years what do you aspire to be? Are you planning to be a teacher, an accountant, an assessor, a banker, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, an air hostess, a nurse, a midwife, a social worker, a nutritionist, a scientist, a doctor, or a caterer etc.? If you are in College/ University...
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