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June 2018


The youth as agents of social change require a high sense of strategic thinking to help contribute to making the world a better place to be. Arguably, the youth on the global scale are considered to be the next generation and have characteristics such as enthusiasm and vitality that can contribute to discovering new things and...
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This Bronze Award was made after careful examination of the Provider Metrics and provider submission by the TEF panel. The judgement indicated that most students achieved good outcomes at LSME. The institution demonstrates a high level of student satisfaction and continuation which were exceptionally high compared to our benchmarks. The institution also demonstrated sufficient evidence...
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Power of Mental Exercise
The Power of Mental Exercise – Benefits and Five (5) Methods to Achieve it
September 26, 2022By
Have You Ever Been Bitter? 10 Strategies To Help You Overcome Bitterness
June 5, 2022By
Understanding the Learning and Teaching Process – Continuing the Voyage of Discovery
December 30, 2021By
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