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July 2018


Friendship is increasingly becoming important with more research studies being undertaken to ascertain their importance and impact on an individual wellbeing. Friendship has both positive and negative influence depending on the type of friendship attracted. It is imperative to know that an individual attracts different types of friends at different stages of life. Friends can...
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Leadership is an integral part of any team or organization’s success. It is hence an important quality an individual possesses to ensure an entire team’s objectives are achieved. Various aspects of a youth’s life require the knowledge and quality of leadership. A leader’s role is very important in the field of management in relation to a...
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The internet has and continues to provide billions of information to its users. The availability of information can be used for both constructive and deconstructive use. However, there is a growing phenomenon of internet addiction among users due to the increasing advancements in telecommunication technology and its availability. Addiction to the internet tends to change the life...
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The new website of LSME was unveiled on Friday 29th of June 2018 at Grange City Hotel in London by Dr Mahamood Shougee, the Former Minister for Education and Tourism of Maldives.
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