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March 2019


Oprah Winfrey stated that “It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures”. It is obvious that some people appear naturally confident with themselves whilst others do not. Nonetheless, self-confidence can be developed. Confidence includes believing in one’s self and their ability to go an extra...
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LSME Alumni Network held its Annual Meet today at LSME, Cambrian House Campus. All the student, who have gone through the learning and developmental experience at LSME and now serving in various capacities all around the worldare fondly remembered and cherished by LSME. For LSME a student is for life! Their long lasting alliance and...
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Industrial attachment and work placement encompass a rather formal placement of trainees and students in the workplace with the primary objective of achieving a set of specified learning outcomes that can potentially lead to their employability on completing their education. With the growing challenge with graduates obtaining employment after completion, industrial attachment provides an avenue...
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