London School of Management Education is a progressive and innovative training organisation offering high quality and affordable education with the primary aim of promoting development through skill enhancement programmes.



Our vision is to play a leading role in the delivery of educational services through a shared commitment to academic excellence, research and radical lifelong learning training to equip managers, health and social care professionals, tutors, teachers and trainers with modern and transformational standards.



Our mission is to provide affordable and high quality training for aspiring and practising managers, health & social care professionals and educationalists, that is innovative and global in perspective and abides by the United Nation’s Principles of Responsible Management Education.



The School seeks to nurture and sustain a creative and supportive academic environment based upon an ethos of respect and transparency.

We are committed to:
– High quality learning experience
– Developing and sharing expertise to strengthen our capacity
– Professional relationships based on mutual respect and transparency
– Equality and diversity
– Financial robustness


The School’s philosophy is enshrined in its slogan: transforming people with skills. We aim to introduce our students to the innovative skills required for their careers in business, education or health and social care.

We are forward-thinking and creative in our delivery, adapting to accommodate current and future challenges in Education, Business Management Education and Health and Social care. The School has a wide network of stakeholders and has been accredited by national awarding bodies to deliver these internationally recognised professional qualifications. We aim to be a leading entry point to learning in teaching, management, business and health and social care, contributing positively to the economic and community life of London and supporting skills transfer in the developing world. To achieve this, the School is committed to providing a wide range of educational opportunities, supported by a rigorous approach to quality and value for money.

We offer students training courses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. Our range of study programmes vary in duration from six weeks to two academic years. As a vocational and academic training institution, LSME is acclaimed for its quality management systems. It has a dynamic team comprising academic tutors, administrative staff and a quality assured management team.

Management and Business Studies

We have a range of courses from basic business management education to advanced management (Level 7). Thus we equip future managers with practical skills and furthermore adapt the training to suit special areas of managerial roles and specific sectors. To achieve this we have a highly qualified group of tutors, all of whom are able to leverage their own personal track record in supporting our students. Our students generally find that the LSME approach to business management education provides a platform for growth and improvement in their careers.

Teacher Training

The new and modern action-based Lifelong Learning training initiative, based on the exciting changes in teacher training in Europe, is developing Next Generation teachers/lecturers as well as supporting managers with a role in staff development.  These highly sought after qualifications have provided a dramatic increase in the career development opportunities for our academically driven learners.  Undoubtedly, this has created an enormous demand for our teacher training programmes by school leavers, graduates (including postgraduates) and managers. Our teacher training programmes range from short courses to those covering a full academic year.

Health and Social Care

LSME provides high quality professional training in Health and Social Care, delivered by experienced health and social care professionals. The focus is on enhancing and updating requisite skills and knowledge for diverse health and social care settings. Our programmes include accredited courses at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Students on these programmes can progress to graduate and post graduate courses or obtain employment in the health and social care sector in the UK.

Learning Resources

In addition to the library, LSME provides a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) based on the MOODLE for learning purposes.

As a student at LSME, you have access to a wide range of resources to help you get the best from College life. Whether you need extra support with your studies, access to learning resources, career advice or information about social activities happening around the campus and in the local area, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help advice and support you.


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