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LSME – It’s All about You!

Since we started LSME back in 2007, we have always believed in the need to approach Higher Education from the inside out – that is to say by putting the student experience first and at the heart of everything we do. So, from your first contact with LSME and your initial selection interview, you will begin to see how we use our passion for education to craft your experience according to your needs. Our use of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) and record-keeping mirrors the best practice in Further Education, whilst our small group tutorials and personal tutor allocation reflect the best aspects of Higher Education at top institutions. The approachability and accessibility of both academic staff and LSME management mean you are never far away from the answers to any questions you might have during your time with us. Indeed, the seamless integration between students, staff and management is one of the reasons why we have such a strong feeling of belonging and ‘family’ at all levels in LSME – we are like your second skin and with you all the way. Not only that, we provide some of the best value for money in the entire Higher Education sector, at a time when every penny counts! Through high staff-student ratios, the highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and through access to resources and programmes validated by one of the leading UK Universities (University of Chichester) you can be sure that your investment in your education with LSME compares very favourably against the alternatives available in the sector.

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The College expanded its portfolio of courses in 2019 to include the International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Foundation Year studies for the BSc (Hons) qualifications for Business Management and Health and Social Care Management, MSc Business Management and Master of Education (MEd) programs. In 2020, the College secured course validation for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with the University of Chichester.

The Diploma in Education and Training (DET) qualification allows learners to register with the Society of Education and Training (SET), a professional membership organization of the Education and Training Foundation for practitioners working in the post-14 education and training sector. This enables an application to be made for QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) status, inspected by the Office for Standards in Education. Our new HND in Business qualification introduced by Pearson in September 2016 follows the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Our courses are approved for government funding via Student Loans Company (SLC).

LSME is a Signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (UN PRME). The integrated model of teaching and learning provided an opportunity to redesign our curriculum and programs to ensure that the six PRME principles are central to our research, teaching, administration, and management. We make a conscious effort in incorporating social responsibility, ethics and sustainability in our teaching and learning activities.

LSME has an ambitious research agenda and has been promoting Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI) since 2015. Thus far LSME has organized eight international research conferences attended by young and expert researchers from across the globe. Four of these conferences were held in London, while two were held in collaboration with our international partner institutes in India. Two virtual conferences have been held since August 2021. The drivers for adopting RRI as a central theme in our research agenda follow from our belief in PRME and the drive to develop young researchers committed to responsible research that has a direct and meaningful impact on society. It also provides an opportunity to work with like-minded national and international institutes and expand our international outreach.

Giving back to the community is also part of the founding principles of LSME. Our community outreach projects include a close relationship with selected local schools and charities to help the less fortunate to move into higher education.

The College currently holds a TEF Bronze Award and we continue to work towards the achievement of our overall mission.

LSME Background and Educational Pillars

London School of Management Education (LSME) is a Higher Education Provider born out of a passion to provide lifelong learning opportunities for people – young and old who wish to transform their lives for the better. LSME aims to promote the growth and development of individuals by offering affordable and high-quality education in Teacher Training, Business, Health and Social Care and Hospitality and Tourism. We are registered with the Office for Students (OfS) under the Approved (fee cap) category of providers in the United Kingdom.

To achieve our mission to provide affordable and high-quality education, the institution seeks to nurture and sustain a creative and supportive academic environment based upon an ethos of respect and transparency. We are committed to developing and sharing expertise to strengthen our capacity to deliver our aims, fostering professional relationships and embracing the concept of inclusion. We value a commitment to citizenship and service to our institution and the nation. Our obligation to a sustainable global business environment demands that we take an active role in the public processes related to our disciplines.

Since its inception, the College has maintained academic excellence and professional standards aligned with the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). Since 2014 to date, LSME has successfully undergone quality reviews with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Our qualifications are awarded by Pearson Education for Business, Education and Health and Social Care at levels 4 and 5. In June 2018, the College obtained a Validation Partnership with the University of Chichester to deliver BSc Programs for Business Management and Health and Social Care Management for the full three-year degree and top-up qualifications.

Our Vision

To play a leading role in the delivery of educational services through a shared commitment to academic excellence, research and radical lifelong learning training to equip managers, health and social care professionals, tutors, teachers and trainers with modern and transformational standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable and high quality training for aspiring and practising managers, health & social care professionals and educationalists, that is innovative and global in perspective and abides by the United Nation’s Principles of Responsible Management Education.

Our Values

The School seeks to nurture and sustain a creative and supportive academic environment based upon an ethos of respect and transparency.

We are committed to:

High quality learning experience

Our courses are internationally recognised and are delivered by highly qualified and experienced academics. Being a Signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), our academic curriculum embeds the principles of responsible leadership, ethics and sustainability with an emphasis on practical and experiential learning.

Developing and sharing expertise to strengthen our capacity

Our academic staff members have a wealth of experience from their different specialisms. We use our staff development workshops and standardisation processes to share our expertise with the aim of strengthening our capacity to meet the required standards for higher education in the UK.

Professional relationships based on mutual respect and transparency

We value the successful professional relationships we have developed both internally and externally. The success of these relationships has been based on mutual respect and transparency, a value that is shared amongst our partners at the onset of any collaborations and results in the development of mutual trust between stakeholders.

Equality and diversity

LSME values diversity and is committed to providing an equal opportunity for all individuals irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or religion in the provision of education and training or employment. Our Access and Participation projects present a unique opportunity to improve access to higher education for socially disadvantaged individuals. We use every opportunity to provide inclusive teaching and learning experience by using well planned and quality assured learning materials.

Financial Robustness

We believe our commitment to providing education will only succeed with excellent financial records. We have worked hard to ensure our financial sustainability which assures students of success in their educational programmes.


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The School’s philosophy is enshrined in its slogan: transforming people with skills. We aim to introduce our students to the innovative skills required for their careers in business, education or health and social care.

We are forward-thinking and creative in our delivery, adapting to accommodate current and future challenges in Education, Business Management Education and Health and Social care. The School has a wide network of stakeholders and has been accredited by national awarding bodies to deliver these internationally recognised professional qualifications. We aim to be a leading entry point to learning in teaching, business management, health and social care, and hospitality and tourism contributing positively to the economic and community life of London and supporting skills transfer in the developing world. To achieve this, the School is committed to providing a wide range of educational opportunities, supported by a rigorous approach to quality and value for money.

Governance and Management Structure

Since our inception, LSME has built a sound reputation for academic excellence, a strong quality ethos, and high standards across our professional and management practices. We maintain and enhance these assets through a robust system of governance for academic and management operations, delivered through our Board of Directors, Senior Management Committee and Academic Board, supported by a wide range of student and staff-oriented forums.

Our Strategic Focus

Our current strategic plan for the next 5 years was launched in 2022. The plan covers enhancement strategies for academic, access and participation, research, staff development, partnership and student employability.

Our Campuses

Welcome to LSME! Located in the heart of Gants Hill and close to the underground station serviced by the central line, our campuses offer an accessible location for studying in the east of London.


LSME keeps the fond memories of its past students by engaging with the alumni network. Once in each academic year, we organise the alumni meet event to discuss relevant issues that may be of benefit to their career growth and development. We support and provide ways for our alumni to get involved in LSME events and to celebrate, debate, collaborate and reconnect with friends.

The LSME family grows each year with new graduates successfully achieving their academic goals and going on to new challenges and new environments. We recognise the value in maintaining strong links with LSME alumni, as a source of brand equity, opportunity for new development and, above all, as a beacon of light for the power of Higher Education as it should be. We look for opportunities to engage with alumni in supporting their career development, in seeking ways of enhancing our portfolio and as an ambassadorial platform for paving the way for new students to begin their journeys with LSME.


The London School of Management Education (LSME) graduates eligible students who are in good standing upon the successful completion of the requirements of their course of study as listed in the course handbooks. This offers students the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

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