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Jobs at LSME

At LSME, we believe in transforming people with skills, and this is not limited to our students only, but to our entire team. We provide our staff with unique opportunities for growth and development in the Higher Education sector.

If you wish to play a vital role in higher education and want to help shape the future, join our team through various job roles available. We have an equal opportunity policy and practice at LSME and hence we encourage applicants from the wider community.

Please see below the vacancies we currently offer and let us know if you have what it takes. If you are interested in any of the advertised positions, please send your current CV along with a covering letter by the indicated deadline to Our recruiting team will follow up and get back to you with further information.

Job Title: Master of Education Lecturer

Purpose of the job:

LSME is a fast-growing Higher Education Provider in London, offering training in Teaching, Business Management and Health and Social Care. The College is currently looking for a qualified, competent and experienced Lecturer to deliver University validated Master of Education (MEd). Programme for learners seeking growth and development in the Academic field.

General Responsibilities:

The general responsibilities of the Lecturer are to provide comprehensive lecturing/tutorial, assignment, assessment services to students, and monitoring students’ attendance & academic progress. The lecturer, to assist the student in his/her education, will effectively utilise the resources of the London School of Management Education (LSME). The Lecturer will provide feedback to inform supervising staff about the progress of their students.

This position reports to the Director and the Principal.

The lecturer is required to:

  • Promote the LSME mission, philosophy and values in all interactions with students, school staff and others.
  • Inspire, motivate, and encourage all students.
  • Arrive at every session early and create a productive tutoring atmosphere utilising adequate and well-prepared resources.
  • Prepare all course material and resources in advance of the session and before students arrive for their classes.
  • Learn and follow the strategic tutoring method to achieve the goals in each student’s tutoring session.
  • Address students’ immediate educational concerns at each session, while adhering to the strategic tutoring method.
  • Review what was taught at each session and report on students’ progress accordingly.
  • Maintain a record of students’ attendance & progress, feedback and college performance.
  • Communicate with and respond to requests from awarding bodies via email/phone/mail.
  • Inform the Principal as soon as practicable, of any concerns with tutoring sessions.
  • Inform the Administrative Department of any discrepancies in time worked. Submit weekly timesheets promptly at the end of each week.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality of all students’ academic and personal information.
  • Establish and maintain rapport with the assigned students.
  • Help students develop self-confidence, raise self-concept, and reduce anxiety or fear of failure in academic work.
  • Assist students to achieve a better understanding of specific subject material and in improving their academic capabilities in designated areas.
  • Help students develop the study skills necessary for academic success.
  • Serve as a role model for students being served.
  • Attend all required training and meetings.
  • Ensure classrooms and staff-room, including any materials/resources are maintained at high standards of tidiness and cleanliness.
  • Undertake any other responsibilities that may be assigned to the Lecturer.
  • Develop personal, academic and social abilities and take responsibility to help in self-development.
  • Plan and implement effective classroom management practices and design and implement effective strategies to develop self-responsible and independent learners.
  • Guide students effectively and provide a protected and supportive learning environment.

Other Responsibilities

  • Assist key activities and documents which aid good College organisation. Specifically;
  • Assist the Principal in strategising for the successful delivery of teaching activities, schedules and well-resourced timetables.
  • Assist the Principal with the production of the Course Handbooks and teaching recourses
  • Maintain academic systems and processes in Education and Training that ensure national quality standards are consistently adhered to
  • Assist the Executive Director in developing and designing marketing material for academic services

Qualifications and Experience

The candidate is expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Master of Education (essential).
  • Doctoral Degree (desirable) with a track record of relevant research publications.
  • At least three years’ relevant teaching experience in higher education.
  • Evidence of continuous commitment to self-development.

Skills and Knowledge

A successful candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Written and verbal communication skills, including confident public speaking and active listening.
  • Superior knowledge of Education and Training units and specification.
  • Ability to break complex topics down to make them more accessible.
  • Conflict resolution and classroom management for managing disagreements between students and for disruptive behaviour.
  • Organisation and management of various projects and administrative tasks for different classes.
  • Creative thinking to engage students and develop innovative solutions to aid learning.
  • Basic computer literacy, including proficiency in Excel, Word Processing, PowerPoint, online teaching platforms (such as Zoom /MS Teams) and plagiarism check and record-keeping software.

Behavioural Skills

  • Takes constructive and developmental feedback on board.
  • Prompt in responding to emails to students and staff.
  • Strong team working ethos.
  • Pays attention to detail.
  • Makes the best use of technology.
  • Highly organised.
  • Proactive and not reactive.

Personal Development

  • To keep up to date with new research and current practice, utilising national bodies such as Pearson.
  • Regularly review own practice, set personal targets and take responsibility for own personal development.
  • Regularly attend in-house workshops, seminars and conferences for continuing personal and professional development.

Equality and Inclusive Hiring

We are an equal opportunity employer and consider all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status or disability status.

COVID-19 Considerations

The College stringently follows the government guidelines on creating a Covid-secure teaching and learning environment and also a Covid Asymptomatic Testing Site is set up for twice-weekly testing of students and staff.


Interested applicants meeting the requirements above may send in their CV and a Personal Statement justifying their competency to the advertised position along with a covering letter to by 20 August 2021.

Salary: £35,000 – £40,000 per annum (gross)

Job Title: Academic Registrar

Main Purpose of the Job

The Academic Registrar leads the student administration and is accountable to the Principal for:  the management of the student contract with LSME; the management of processes underpinning the student journey and the offer of admission and the management of data on students and courses.

The Academic Registrar will be expected to continually improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the processes and services provided by the LSME, in line with the College strategies and the need to deliver an excellent student experience.

Key Areas of Responsibility

General Duties

  1. Lead the team managing LSME student and programme administration, ensuring that processes and practices are efficient and sufficiently supportive for the students.
  2. Ensure that student support activities are well co-ordinated and planned in line with the annual lifecycle of students.
    • Ensure that processes relating to enrolment are efficient and robust, and support the College’s recruitment, admission and retention of students.
    • Ensure that student assessment is well-managed; that processes are secure and fair; that assessment outcomes data are correctly recorded; and that Exam boards are well-supported to enable them to function properly and fairly in maintaining academic standards.
    • Ensure that timetabling for teaching and other College events (induction and enrolment/registration, assessments, and so on) are well supported.
    • Ensure that individual programmes and modules are well supported administratively throughout the student journey. These processes should be effective and efficient, and operated in alignment with academic and management staff in College.
    • Ensure that individual student issues such as mitigating circumstances, complaints and appeals, student disciplinary – are fairly and consistently managed, with decisions taken in a timely manner, properly recorded and well communicated to the student concerned.
    • Be responsible for the accuracy, integrity and quality of student record data, to enable all regulatory data return, and to produce management information data to support strategic planning and operational delivery across the College.
  3. Be responsible for assurance of accuracy, integrity and academic administration quality and standards – including external examining, programme approval, review and quality assessment – are appropriate and effective, supporting the College in delivering excellent education and providing the necessary information to enable the Principal and Senior Management Committee to fulfil their responsibilities relating to quality and standards.
  4. Ensure that all our collaborative provisions are well supported, with assurance of quality and standards and advice to the Academic Board and the Senior Management Committee in considering new and continuing collaborative partnerships.
  5. In liaison with the Student Welfare Committee, to provide senior level advice on procedures and individual cases relating to student rights and responsibilities (e.g. academic misconduct, mitigation etc.)
  6. To lead student information related IT projects in collaboration with the IT team, including student record, timetabling, system developments and enhancements and support other college projects as required.
  7. Ensure that the LSME’s contract with individual students in relation to academic matters is clear, fair and meets all necessary internal and external requirements (such as the CMA guidelines and the academic regulations).
  8. Work as necessary with colleagues in other areas for instance to ensure that LSME meets the requirements of Its Access and Participation Projects target for student support, deal efficiently with student complaints and follows the Office for Independent Adjudicator (OIA) guidelines.
  9. Work as necessary with colleagues in other areas, to ensure that LSME meets the requirements of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for its Sponsor status, and for the monitoring of student attendance and engagement necessary to maintain this.
  10. Work with various committees and senior staff to ensure compliance with QAA, CMA, Office for Students and other relevant bodies.

Specific Duties

  1. Ensure the effective recruitment, induction, management, development and appraisal of all staff within area of responsibility, in line with the LSME HR procedures, promoting effective people management practices that ensure staff are engaged and aligned to achieve effective outcomes in pursuit of the LSME’s Strategic ambitions
  2. Represent the LSME externally and internally in line with the seniority of the role and the needs of the College.
  3. Take responsibility for on-going personal and professional development in line with the needs of LSME and that of the role.

In addition to the above areas of responsibility the post-holder may be required to undertake any other reasonable duties in line with the needs of the needs of LSME and the seniority of the role.


  • Masters Degree(Essential)
  • Doctoral Degree (Desirable)
  • Teaching Qualifications (Essential)
  • At least five years’ relevant experience in higher education

Knowledge & Experience

  • Proven leader with demonstrable experience in a senior academic administrative role in a UK university or higher education institution.
  • Proven track record of delivering complex operational management across multifaceted professional service functions.
  • Demonstrable experience of successful implementation and delivery of diverse strategic change management initiatives at functional and organisational level.
  • An excellent understanding and working knowledge of all aspects of UK academic-related governance, regulations, administration and organisational management in a Higher Education Institution.
  • Knowledge of the reporting requirements in relation to student administration placed upon UK HE providers by the OfS.

Skills & Attributes

  • Excellent leadership and management skills with the ability to create an environment where others are empowered to make their best contribution.
  • Experience supporting both Executive and non-Executive committee requirements working at a senior level across departmental boundaries
  • Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing, demonstrating a consultative and collaborative outlook
  • High level of numeracy, including management of multi-faceted data with the ability to use and interpret data and statistics for senior management
  • Ability to engage students, staff and partners and inspire trust at all levels, establishing positive and productive working relationships while utilising equality, diversity and inclusion to enhance staff and student experience.

This post requires an enhanced DBS check

Salary : £38,000 – £40,000


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