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LSME’s Access and Participation Plan aims at removing barriers to Higher Education and raising their aspiration to succeed in life for our target groups. The Plan has been developed to attract under-represented populations of the local community, particularly the younger and white disadvantaged learners who may want to progress towards Higher Education, yet may not have access to the information or the support to overcome the barriers or may lack in motivation and aspiration. The Plan focusses on identifying these under-represented and disadvantaged students and young people by working directly with the local and regional FE Colleges, Secondary Schools, Communities, Charities, relevant organisations and the local Councils within the geographical area of East London through our outreach programmes.

The projects developed as outreach projects target disadvantaged young people from the backgrounds of white British, Black ethnic minorities, Asian under-represented groups, and Caribbean diaspora. Our outreach programmes also provide opportunities for young people who have dropped out of schools with no prospect of employment, individuals from low participating neighbourhoods, some ethnic minority groups such as the Black Caribbean and Asian students, Care Leavers, Asylum Seekers and Refugees and Disabled Learners. These young people could be in secondary or Sixth Form or Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) or from low income backgrounds or from the specific target groups.

LSME would support the young people taken into the programme by providing tutoring in the academic programmes, mentoring, providing career guidance, raising their aspiration etc to succeed and improve academic performance and pave way for better employment prospects in the future. Further information on specific projects are as below.

For further information on our Access and Participation Plans, please follow the links below:

Access and Participation Plan 2019-20

Access and Participation Plan 2020-21 – 2024-25


LSME-Inspire Project

LSME-Inspire Project aims to support younger students, year 10-13, in their areas of low attainment in Maths, English and Science with one-to-one support, mentoring and tuition. This support does not target the most gifted and talented but all students of a low socio-economic background who wish to progress to further and higher education regardless of their ability. LSME-Inspire project has two objectives; providing support for underachieving learners and enhancing opportunities to access higher education. We work with schools and relevant organisations to identify and support the students under this category.


Realising there are existing gaps and barriers to access to HE for young people who have fallen out of the education system and are not in employment or education or training (NEET), care-leavers, refugees, or asylum seekers, LSME, as part of its Access and Participation Plan, designed and implemented the ‘Not Too Late to Learn’ (NTLTL) project to address these barriers at a local level.

The NTLTL project is aimed at improving aspirations of young people in the NEET category, Care Leavers, Refugees, or Asylum Seekers and is aligned with the government’s strategy to reduce the number of young people in the NEET category.

The project aims to provide potential learners within the target population with academic support in a Foundation Year and support their progression to higher education.

Disability Outreach Project

LSME Disability Outreach Project aims at breaking the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing higher education opportunities and providing each individual with the tools and support to continue their education as well as become more independent.

LSME offers personalised support to young people with not so severe disabilities and additional needs within a conducive learning environment. The project endeavors to raise the aspiration of people with special needs by removing barriers, providing individualised learning support, mentoring, and exposure learning to Higher Education.

LSME Bursary and Scholarship Scheme

LSME offers bursaries and scholarships to the eligible APP Foundation Year students through an assessment process.

For further information on LSME Access and Participation Plan, eligibility, support and any relevant queries, please contact:
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