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Our Alumni network connects graduates, volunteers, supporters, staff and students. This community is essential to the ongoing success of London School of Management Education and together we can make a real difference.

Explore our webpages to find out more about the Alumni network, and the ways you can get involved.

We are here to ensure you remain connected with both your College, and the community that has collectively shared the LSME experience.

If you graduated before 2023, register below to stay connected with the College and apply for your Alumni Membership Card.

Message from the Principal

Dear Alumni,

On behalf of the LSME Board of Directors, Academic Staff and all our students, let me sincerely extend my warmest greetings to you all, our cherished Alumni.

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At LSME, we have faith in our students and Alumni. We believe that each and every one of you can reach greater heights and, for that, we are ready to provide extensive support and infrastructure. The Alumni Association provides all who have graduated from LSME with an opportunity to continue and perhaps renew their bond with their alma mater and to utilise the links and facilities provided by the Association as a platform for building richer and more diversified careers and lives.

We are proud to acknowledge those who have already made a mark for themselves in the world. We would be delighted to share your successes and learning since you left LSME and use your valuable experience to improve prospects for current and future students.

Over the years, LSME has grown to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence and quality as we continue to provide our students with a holistic learning experience that is unique and phenomenal. Our Alumni leave the institution with not only nationally and internationally valued qualifications, but also with a very good understanding of their chosen sector(s) and essential soft skills necessary for success.

As I officially welcome you to the Alumni Association, I sincerely hope you go on to achieve your dreams and that we are ready to offer support to all of you in achieving your future goals. Do make the best use of all opportunities we plan to share with you.

Dr Sarita Parhi

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Alumni,

I cordially welcome all of our Alumni to this forum of professionals where we will be able to share ideas and mutually pursue a progressive agenda.

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An educational institution is as good as its graduates. Prominent institutions often celebrate Alumni who have gone on to achieve success in business and social circles, especially where such individuals have contributed significantly to the way we live, and to the lives of others. At LSME, we are no different. We are very proud of our graduates and we aspire to have an illustrious list of Alumni who have not only strived to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

We hope that our graduates see the time spent at London School of Management Education (LSME) as transformational and want to continue to be associated with us. The Alumni Relations Team is committed to building strong links between the College and our Alumni, to identify ways in which the College can continue to offer opportunities for learning and personal development, to help you to connect with the networking hub for your career advancement and to be a home for you to come back to and meet with fellow Alumni socially.

As an institution, we are rightly proud of the strides taken by each of our Alumni. We aspire to have enthusiastic Alumni who are active alongside us as we develop our Association to foster hope and drive important change across society. It is true to say, that our past, present, and future is determined by the success of our Alumni.

Dr Ravi Kumar

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Meet Our Alumni


Veronica Zagorneanu

HND in Business

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My HND journey at LSME was a unique and extraordinary experience, offering me the opportunity to develop my personality, to increase my self-confidence and the can-do attitude, to gain leadership skills, business management skills and to enhance my understanding of the business world. I received the maximum support from LSME lecturers and the entire team, and I am very satisfied and grateful for the high level of education received here. I intend to continue my studies here at LSME, opting for BSc Business Management degree to continue this wonderful journey of learning, which will enable me to grow on my career path.


Violeta Nichita

HND in Business

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I love the HND programme!I think I’ve learned a lot about businesses .Will forever be grateful for this amazing experience.Making friends from all over the world and learning from expert lectures.Course offered me a lot it was unforgettable.


Radoslav Tihomirov Uzunov

BSc (Hons) Business Management

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I have joined HND Business course at LSME, coming from another college and comparing the two, it is no doubt that LSME is a lot better. Better teachers, better way of lecture delivery, better college facilities. All of that means more knowledge, better grades in a nice and friendly environment. I am happy with LSME


Mihaela Toniciuc

BSc (Hons) Business Management

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I chose to study BSc Business Management at LSME as it offers a great deal of variety, in terms of the modules and provides an overview of the business sector.

When applying to University I was not sure which area to specialize in but the Business Management programme gave the opportunity to learn different aspects of business management including finance, strategy, human resources, leadership etc.

The way that LSME is set up, makes it easier to meet with new people.

There’s a lot more collaboration within the classes and that has led meeting a lot of interesting people from many different places. LSME provides excellent facilities to widen scope of employment and helps you with making decisions for your future. They offer friendly and informative one-on-one sessions, helping with any questions you might have about placements and graduate jobs.

Thank you!

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