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One-To-One Advice

During your college journey at London School of Management Education, you have acquired a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and experiences. Some students will choose career paths closely aligned with their degree, while others may explore new avenues that leverage their acquired abilities. We are here to give career support and assist you in discovering the career path that best suits your aspirations.

Whether you are embarking on your first post-graduate role, seeking part-time employment, considering a postgraduate program, or grappling with uncertainty about your future, do not hesitate to schedule a one-on-one advisory session.

These personalized sessions at London School Of Management Education offer you the chance to receive guidance and feedback on matters such as reviewing resumes, completing application forms, preparing for interviews, and addressing any other career-related inquiries.

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EEH for Career Resources

Our online career hub, the Employability and Enterprise Hub (EEH) is a dedicated facility to enhance employability skills, and for discussing, training, and developing business ideas for budding Entrepreneurs from the in-house students and Alumni.

You can visit EEH for jobs listings, information about placements and career resources including sample CVs and interview preparation tips.

You can also get support including:

  • Planning on how to get started with your career
  • Tips on CV writing
  • How to boost your employability
  • How to make LinkedIn work for you
  • Effective online networking skills
  • How to prepare for your job search
  • Job opportunities and advice for international students

Contact Us

Contact the Alumni Team for anything concerning how to stay connected to the College after graduation, applying for short-term and postgraduate courses, enquiries on Alumni events or for volunteering.


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