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From Zero to Hero: A Testament to the Power of Hard Work, Determination and a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Reflections by Oluwayemisi Adedeji
(Student of the Year 2023)
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Management

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From the moment I gained matriculation to my foundation year, I knew I was going to have a challenging journey ahead, given my social circumstances and family responsibilities. However, with strong determination and an unwavering commitment to succeed, I embarked on this academic adventure.

In the face of numerous challenges, I remained undeterred. Some of the initial challenges I faced were balancing childcare and work responsibilities along with my studies, and commuting from my residential area to school which was occasionally complicated by the Transport for London strikes. Managing the coursework presented another hurdle, as I had to ensure timely assignment submissions. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic added further distractions during study time. However, in the face of all these obstacles, I remained undaunted and redirected my efforts towards overcoming them.

As each semester passed, the fruits of my hard work and dedication began to manifest. My grades steadily improved, reflecting my deepening comprehension of the subjects. A significant confidence boost came when I received an award for ‘outstanding engagement’ during the convocation. This recognition validated my active participation in class discussions, thorough completion of assignments, and my unwavering passion for learning. The accolades did not end there. The acknowledgement of my academic accomplishments served as a gratifying confirmation of my efforts. I was honoured with a prize for ‘exceptional academic performance’, a testament to the academic progress I had achieved. This recognition was a result of the countless hours I had devoted to studying, collaborating with peers, and immersing myself in the subject matter.

However, the pinnacle of my journey was reached when I was named ‘Student of the Year.’ This prestigious award recognised not only my academic achievements but also my active involvement in extracurricular activities. It celebrated my commitment to volunteer work and the leadership roles I had undertaken. This recognition affirmed that my holistic growth and development had not gone unnoticed.

The journey from starting school in the foundation year to receiving these accolades was not without its challenges. It demanded discipline, time management skills, and sacrifices. Yet, I persevered and struck a balance between my studies, family and my involvement in various groups and organisations. This balance allowed me to excel in both academic and non-academic pursuits. Reflecting on this incredible journey, I am filled with a deep sense of pride and gratitude. I am immensely proud of how far I have come, from starting in the foundation year to achieving excellence in my academic pursuits. The lessons I learned along the way, such as perseverance and dedication, will undoubtedly serve me well in future endeavours.

I appreciate all the lecturers and staff of the London School of Management Education (LSME) for their relentless support, encouragement and empowering skills that they have used to enhance my development.

As I move forward, I am excited to take on new challenges and continue my pursuit of personal and academic growth. With the recognition and experiences gained during my journey, I am confident in my ability to achieve extraordinary things. My testimonial is elicited from zero to hero. It is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Follow your dreams to journey toward success”

Reflections from Mariana Ionescu
Diploma in Education and Training (2023)
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Management (2022)

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“Dreams are the seeds of reality, the seeds of the future. The dreams we nurture today can indeed manifest into the realities of tomorrow”. The story I wish to share with you bears witness to this very message.

Upon my initial arrival in the UK, I recognised the necessity for a significant transformation in my life, and I was resolute in my commitment to work diligently toward my dreams. My professional journey commenced as a care assistant in a complex needs care home. With the passage of time, I came to realise that I possessed the capacity for more. After gaining valuable experience, I made the decision to enrol at LSME to pursue a BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Management.

Although the journey was far from easy, my determination to succeed remained unwavering. Studying in a language foreign to my own was in itself a formidable challenge, but the instructors were exceptionally supportive. They not only recognised my potential but also offered guidance that exceeded my expectations. Balancing the demands of work and studies was no small feat, yet I persevered. My dedication resulted in a promotion to the role of a senior carer, and, after months of unwavering commitment and hard work, I achieved another promotion to the position of a care coordinator. These milestones reinforced my confidence in the path I had chosen.

It is important to acknowledge that my journey to success was not solely due to my own hard work. I was fortunate to be surrounded by exceptional individuals, both in my workplace and at school, who supported and encouraged me in the pursuit of my dream. I am deeply grateful to each one of them, and I will never forget their contributions to my achievements.

Before my graduation, I took the initiative to establish my own company in the Health and Social Care sector. One of my lecturers encouraged me to continue my progress, leading me to enrol again in 2022 to pursue a Diploma in Teaching and Training (DET). I graduated just a few months ago in 2023, and as I look back, I see the challenges and sacrifices I endured. However, I also see the fantastic lecturers who cheered me on, provided unwavering support, and invested considerable effort in making my dream a reality. I cannot thank them enough, and I want them to know that their contributions will forever be remembered.

Today, I proudly serve as the deputy manager at the very same complex needs care home where my journey began. In the future, I have aspirations to establish my own training centre. My dream has indeed become a reality, and every single step, despite its challenges, has been undeniably worthwhile.”

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