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Choices and Consequences – Are you afraid to make a choice?

Choices and Consequences

All over the world as the sun rises and sets, as people wake up whilst others get ready to sleep, as it rains in some places and other places experience scorching sun, people share one universal action and experience and this is the choices we make. According to Kerri Russell, the smallest decisions sometimes can change our life forever. Is it true? Yes, it is very true because the choices we make in every moment of our lives go a long way to determine what we shall become in the future.

John Maxwell opined that, “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you”. It is an accepted maxim that there are three (3) C’s in life: ChoiceChance, and Change – You must make a choice to take the chance if you want anything to change in your life. The history of the world has experienced and witnessed great men and women achievers who are the embodiment of making the choice to take the chance to change their life and change the world. Notable names that comes to mind whose choices in the past has defined our current lifestyle includes.

William Wilberforce (Fought to stop slave trade in the world), Nelson Mandela (Fought against apartheid in South Africa and was imprisoned for 27 years), Albert Einstein (A great scientist and human rights advocate),  Marie Curie (Nobel Prize Winner in Science and Physics), Martin Luther King Jnr (Human Rights and Equal Rights Activist in the USA), Williams Shakespeare (Renowned Writer and King of English Literature), Mother Teresa (Lived an Exemplary Life to Support the Poor and Vulnerable all over the world), Mahatma Gandhi (Figurehead and preacher of Peace for Indian Independence), Buddha (A famous mediator of peace and meditation), Winston Churchill (Exemplary leader of UK who inspired the defeat of the Nazi Germany led by Hitler), and Oprah Winfrey (US Talk show host who inspired millions all over the world to develop their potential) etc. This is just a few of the notable personalities because the list is unending.

There are countless examples of great men and women who challenged the status-quo and defied all odds to become renowned, celebrated and held in high esteem all over the world due to the choices they made. In our current world, notable personalities whose choices have changed the world include the late Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Michael Jordan of NBA and Air Jordan Fame, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both former presidents of the USA all made certain choices that changed their lives and the world.

Many of us are afraid to make choices because we fear the consequences, but have we pondered what would have happened to the world if all those personalities hesitated to make a choice and act on them? We wouldn’t be enjoying and experiencing Facebook, Skype, Google, WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, Better Freedom and Human Rights, Better access to education, better medicine and machines just to mention a few.

All these personalities were inexperienced, unknown, did not have a track record and did not get anyone’s approval to make their choices. They took their destiny into their own hands and stood by it. Without making choices, there will be no progress, there will be no development, there will be no breakthroughs, there will be no opportunities, there will be no new discoveries, there will no new inventions etc. and the world will be static and boring.

We have been given a special weapon by our creator to have and use our brains to make choices and take control of our destinies.  But do we use it? Arguably, only a few of us use it to the full due to our doubts, insecurities, uncertainties and inferiority complexes. Making choices can be a chilling and terrifying experience to many people because they are afraid of choosing the wrong one and cannot bear the consequences. According to Walter Kaufman this people who fear making the wrong choices are termed “decidophobia”. This kind of people have lack of clarity in taking decisions, have a blurred thinking and depends a lot on others to make choices for them.

But there is hope for you, make the decision in your life today that you have the power to make informed choices and start doing so. When making a choice, be aware of the impact and future ramifications on your life and others. If these impact and ramifications are positive, then go for it and don’t look back.

Secondly, do a lot of research into all the possible options available to you and if possible get expert advice or counsel. Nevertheless, know that you alone are responsible for the choice or choices you make.

Thirdly, look at all alternatives and different scenarios to give you informed ideas and choices for selection. For instance, if you want to decide on your future career both stable and sustainable for a lifetime, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are your learning styles etc. before making an informed choice on a career choice.

Last but not the least, be guided by your intuitions for the choice you make instead of using your head. Sit down, contemplate, reflect, visualise and imagine the likely outcome of your choice. If an inner voice tells you to go for it, then do not hesitate but start to act on it.

At London School of Management Education (LSME), we are happy to assist you in making the right and informed choice in your academic and educational pursuits. The choices the founders of this great institution made are what have been manifested into one of the quality private institutions in the city of London and the UK.

LSME have the right staff that are experts and experienced in their field of delivery, and they are available to support and help you in this journey of making educational and career choices that will impact on you positively in the future. Our aim is to offer high quality and affordable education with the primary aim of promoting development through skill enhancement programmes.

In conclusion, bear in mind that life is always a series of choices we make; the outcome may either put love and honour or fear and misery depending on the circumstances. Both can be deceptive in different ways but love what you do and do what you love most to enable you be content with your choices. The choice you have decided to act on today will make you a fulfilled and happier person tomorrow and make the global world a better place to enjoy our lives. In sum, you are advised to understand this simple fact:

“Whatever you have to do, be the owner of your choice and take full responsibility for it”

Remember that whatever that you do, the choice is always yours!

Have a wonderful week and keep safe.

Share this message with your friends, neighbours and anyone who is finding it difficult to make a choice.

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