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Are teachers born or made? Find out by visiting the London School of Management Education in East London.

If you are thinking about your future career or planning to change to a new career, why not consider teaching. Many people go through life imparting knowledge and skills either directly of indirectly to others. Teaching is not just standing in front of a classroom and speaking. It involves communication. It takes confidence which develops with experience. However, there is more to teaching than just experience and confidence. Do get a better idea of what a teaching career entails, it will always be advantageous to seek good advice.

Why not visit the London School of Management Education which is based in Barking in East London to get an overview of the teacher training courses on offer. You will receive a free consultation to assess your qualifications and experiences. You will be listened to patiently and be guided through the various range of courses that would lead you to a career that best suits your aspirations and abilities.

You need to meet certain minimum standards to be an effective teacher. Ofsted has stated that teachers should:

  • Have a secure knowledge of the subject;
  • Set high expectations;
  • Plan effectively;
  • Employ appropriate teaching methods and strategies;
  • Manage pupils well;
  • Achieve high standards of discipline;
  • Use time and resources effectively;
  • Assess pupils’ work thoroughly and constructively;
  • And use homework effectively.

The London School of Management Education offers the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET), a globally recognised teacher training qualification. The DET is not just about gaining a teaching qualification. It is also about helping others to develop an interest in learning and developing their potential to access opportunities that will enable them to progress all through their lives. At the same time the teacher also transforms by gaining experiences through their interactions with their students. This enables the teacher to develop their own modes of teaching by developing their own model lessons.

This could include advancing practical and pragmatic methods of planning, teaching and/or assessing. Great teachers are known for their very own particular teaching style or lesson structure. Good teachers generate a particular curriculum design that meets their students’ needs. All of these attributes point to the need for flexibility and innovation. Some classroom sessions should be a voyage of discovery which invokes a passion for the topic amongst the students. This approach not only enriches the students’ learning experience, it also encourages them to develop an interest in their subjects. Find out how to motivate yourself and your students at LSME in East London.

In the distant past, it was felt that good teachers were born. This was primarily because there were very few teacher training opportunities. Teachers came from families of teachers, where teaching as a profession was passed from parent to child. The situation has totally changed from that era of profession running in families. Opportunities abound for anyone who wishes to teach.

Teacher training is offered at a local Barking College offering HND courses. The London School of Management Education (LSME) is a premier college of higher education based in East London and to date has produced several hundred teaching graduates who have very successful careers. Visit the LSME’s website at to view the testimonials of current students and the alumni to gain an understanding of how the courses have improved the aspirations and success of these individual

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