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Getting Ready for an Interview? – Useful Skills and Techniques to Make You Successful


Are you getting ready for an interview? Are you feeling nervous? Are you wondering what sort of questions you will be made to answer by the interviewers? What techniques do you need to be successful in your quest to get the appointment you have been craving for? If these questions above depict you then worry no more because there is good news for you.

You may have achieved the best grades or academic qualifications in your course of study, nevertheless, if you don’t convince the recruiter or interviewer that you have the skills, expertise, and experience for the job then you may be unlikely to be selected for the dream job you are craving for.

During the interview process, the interviewers want to find out whether you have the competency, attitude, and expertise to fulfill the role that is vacant. It is your job to motivate and convince the interviewers that you have the competency, attitude, and expertise to fit into their organizational culture, structure, and system. If you are able to do this effectively and efficiently then you will be closer and guaranteed to be successful.

8 Tips to Get Ready for an Interview

But how can you show that you are the one to do the job? These are the eight (8) top tips the London School of Management Education (LSME) has outlined for you: Are you getting ready for an interview?

  1. Research thoroughly on the organization you are going to for the interview session. During the interview session refer to their achievements and why you want to be part of their success story. You can get all the salient information from the website of the company. Having a good background knowledge of the organization and being able to talk about it is a useful tip for all interviewees.
  2. Do well to find out the location for the interview. You can visit there in advance to familiarize yourself with the environment and the protocols you need to follow.
  3. On the day of the interview, kindly make sure you are there at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the session. This will enable you to relax and be well-composed for the session.
  4. Listen attentively as the interviewers communicate with you. As a form of courtesy ask the names of the interviewers so that you can politely refer them by their names when addressing them. If you don’t hear anything please do well to politely ask the interviewer to repeat the sentence. This will enable you to know exactly what is asked and how you will appropriately answer them.
  5. Show a positive attitude by being professional at all times. During the interview, do well not to be taken over by emotions by being overconfident. Be modest, realistic, and truthful with your answers to questions. Do not exaggerate or be overconfident. It may haunt you later.
  6. Remain cool, calm, and confident at all times during the interview process. Do not be begging to be hired. It shows desperation and interviewers don’t like it.
  7. Smile at all times as you answer your questions because it brings energy and enthusiasm to you. Making a “hard face” is a turn-off for many interviewers so please beware.
  8. Last but not least, after the interview session, do well to do a follow-up possibly the next day. This is to say thank you to the organization for being shortlisted for the interview session whilst reiterating your candid interest in the role you were interviewed for the previous day.

Summing Up

Remember many capable people are shortlisted for the interview session and if you are able to convince the interviewers/recruiters with your responses, attitude, and competencies then you will surely be guaranteed a call-up by the company.

Nevertheless, if you don’t succeed, don’t give up but improve your skills and techniques and you will be lucky in your next interview. Are you getting ready for an interview?

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