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Stop Saying Yes When You
How often do we find ourselves caught in a situation when we explicitly want to say “no” but end up saying “yes”? Have you ever wondered why do we say a Yes when you actually want to say a No? In this article, we are exploring the science that the brain follows, the after-effects and...
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the Do’s and Don’ts of Working from Home
Whether you are working from home due to the social distancing norms related to the novel Coronavirus or due to other reasons; whether we like working from home or not it is an unquestionable fact that there’s a massive increase in the proportion of the workforce that’s working from home and this will be the...
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Looking on the Other Side of COVID-19 - LSME
There’s nothing good in fact only on fear when it comes to thinking about COVID-19, for the obvious reasons- loss of a humungous number of innocent lives and the mentor terror. But when we are destined to go through this fate, let us consider this outbreak as a learning opportunity to reset, remember and reflect....
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Students Strategies to Manage Finance
Students all over the world are confronted with major financial decisions as they enter college, and yet they have little experience with personal finance (Knox, 2016). According to Gobal (2013) students’ ability to deal and manage their finances will enable them to live better lives in the future when they start earning higher wages and...
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With the mode of communication constantly evolving, it is imperative to ensure that effective communica tion is always upheld and sustained to ensure effective communication (Ahola et al, 2014). Communication through e-mails has been an integral part of personal and work related interactions. None the less, the wrong handling of this effective tool causes unnecessary...
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Overcome Fear
Everyone is poised to be successful in different dimensions of their lives such as in their families, social lives careers and other aspects of their lives. There is clearly an instinctive drive that develops over time in the lives of the individual. Achieving success usually requires an initial experience of failure that implies that a...
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Confidence a Great Attribute & a Key Factor
Oprah Winfrey stated that “It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures”. It is obvious that some people appear naturally confident with themselves whilst others do not. Nonetheless, self-confidence can be developed. Confidence includes believing in one’s self and their ability to go an extra...
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Industrial Attachment and Work Placement
Industrial attachment and work placement encompass a rather formal placement of trainees and students in the workplace with the primary objective of achieving a set of specified learning outcomes that can potentially lead to their employability on completing their education. With the growing challenge with graduates obtaining employment after completion, industrial attachment provides an avenue...
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Three blog-learning
Developing and delivering lessons by teachers are integral in the teaching process. It is hence important for teachers to ensure that the three (3) domains of learning which include cognitive (thinking), affective (emotions or feeling) and Psychomotor (Physical or kinesthetic) to be achieved. It is imperative to understand that there are different categories of learners....
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Bloom’s Taxonomy
Education is very important in terms of assessing and identifying the intellectual level at which individual students are capable of working. Education aims to unearth our critical thinking skills so that we can better understand our environment and take decisions that will make it a better place to live. It is therefore imperative for students to be...
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