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Career Selection
The continually increasing number of options has resulted in a challenge. That tends to impede the ability of an individual to make career choice. This seemingly insurmountable task coupled with its resulting pressure can cause significant stress in selecting and pursuing a career. The thousands of career options currently presented to students. It make it...
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Professional Development
Employees all over the world are an integral part of the operations, success, growth and professional development of any business entity. In the wake increasing globalization, there has resulted been an increase in competition for employees and positions as the most innovative, efficient and effective types of employees are highly employable. As the dynamism of...
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The issue of anger is experienced by all individuals to varying lengths at different points in time of life. It is imperative to ensure that the unique emotion of anger does not lead to hurting yourself or another individual or even damaging a property. The article evaluates the concept of anger and outlines various strategies...
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Reliable and True Friends
Friendship is an integral part of any individual’s life. Friendship is one of the most significant values in our life. However, it has become a daunting task finding and keeping a true and reliable friend nowadays. The society we live and work in have become very competitive. Many people want to be the best and...
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The article aims to define the concept of mentorship, the impact of mentoring, how to undertake mentoring; benefits of mentoring in a workplace or an educational setting. THE CONCEPT OF MENTORING A mentor is an individual who provides support, guides, supervises and facilitates student learning during a practice setting. A mentor is considered as a...
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The article evaluates the concept of delegation and its role. An evaluation of the impact of delegating tasks, how to undertake delegation, benefits of delegation in an educational setting have been critically undertaken in this article. The Concept of Delegation Delegation involves entrusting work, responsibility and authority by a leader or a head of a...
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Positive Thinking
In the constantly changing world, individuals are faced with challenges on a daily basis all round. In the wake of increasing globalization, individuals who are successful are those who overcome their challenges and make the best out of their limited resources. It is hence imperative for individuals who aim to succeed in their various endeavors to...
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The Impact of Friendship
Friendship is increasingly becoming important with more research studies being undertaken to ascertain their importance and impact on an individual wellbeing. Friendship has both positive and negative influence depending on the type of friendship attracted. It is imperative to know that an individual attracts different types of friends at different stages of life. Friends can...
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The Youth
Leadership is an integral part of any team or organization’s success. It is hence an important quality an individual possesses to ensure an entire team’s objectives are achieved. Various aspects of a youth’s life require the knowledge and quality of leadership. A leader’s role is very important in the field of management in relation to...
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The internet has and continues to provide billions of information to its users. The availability of information can be used for both constructive and deconstructive use. However, there is a growing phenomenon of internet addiction among users due to the increasing advancements in telecommunication technology and its availability. Addiction to the internet tends to change the life...
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