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Youth as Agents
The youth as agents of social change require a high sense of strategic thinking to help contribute to making the world a better place to be. Arguably, the youth on the global scale are considered to be the next generation and have characteristics such as enthusiasm and vitality that can contribute to discovering new things and...
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learning effectively
An estimated four million people have been identified with various types and degrees of learning difficulties (Lyness, 2013). A significant majority of them tend to cope with more than one type of learning difficulty. Learning difficulties can be considered as neurological challenges that affect the way and manner which the individual’s brain receives, process, stores...
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We all love great leaders, inventors, scientists, scholars, athletes, sportsmen, doctors, musicians, actors and actresses etc. who were successful. But do you know why they were successful? They never gave up but persisted until they were successful. Perseverance is being persistent in doing something despite the setbacks, difficulties or delay in realizing your target. Ask...
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Career choice & Development
In the next two to three years what do you aspire to be? Are you planning to be a teacher, an accountant, an assessor, a banker, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, an air hostess, a nurse, a midwife, a social worker, a nutritionist, a scientist, a doctor, or a caterer etc.? If you are in College/ University...
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Taking responsibility
It is a fact that successful students all over the world exhibit a combination of successful attitudes and behaviour as well as show their prowess of intellectual capacity. But one thing we don’t realize is that successful students are responsible by ensuring that they get involved in their studies and become ultimately responsible for the outcome...
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Some virtues that can play a significant impact in your life can include hard work, respect, kindness honest, bold, generous, careful, decent, sincere and attitude etc. In assessing the impact of each of these virtues let’s do this simple mathematical analysis to find out which of these virtues when mapped numerically will give us exactly a...
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Choices and Consequences
All over the world as the sun rises and sets, as people wake up whilst others get ready to sleep, as it rains in some places and other places experience scorching sun, people share one universal action and experience and this is the choices we make. According to Kerri Russell, the smallest decisions sometimes can change...
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Do you recall
One of the major challenges facing any learner whether young or old, mature or immature, female or male is the ability to retain and recall what we learn. We have all experienced forgetfulness before in our lifetime – sometimes we forget an anniversary date, an appointment date and sometimes our own birthdays.  Even alarming is...
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The Power of Belief
Do you believe in yourself? Do you have trust in your own capabilities and abilities? Are you intrinsically motivated to achieve a set task and objective? If you answered to yes for all these three questions posed, then you are ready for success in any endeavour you aspire to be. You are amongst the estimated...
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Your aspiration
Do you aspire to teach? Why not visit the London School of Management Education to find out more about teacher training and how this could meet your aspiration. It is often quoted that “Anything not understood in more than one way is not understood at all.” The challenge for a good teacher is to take a classroom on...
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