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Taking responsibility for our actions: A requisite for academic achievement

Taking responsibility

It is a fact that successful students all over the world exhibit a combination of successful attitudes and behaviour as well as show their prowess of intellectual capacity. But one thing we don’t realize is that successful students are responsible by ensuring that they get involved in their studies and become ultimately responsible for the outcome of their learning objectives.

In our daily lives as students we yearn to be successful in our course of study and will always do our best to excel in all the modules and subjects we undertake. We all have great expectations of how we want to be successful but the salient question that we need to ask ourselves is this, “Are we ready to be responsible for our actions?” What at all is been responsible? Well been responsible is simply to have control and authority over something or situation and making sure we take care of that person or situation.

Responsibility is taking control and it’s basically the difference between being led by someone and you as the leader. It is about your own initiatives and efforts to control your academic goals and targets. Being responsible means you have decided to undertake all the activities that will make you successful and you have embraced them accordingly because it is your choice.

In order to stay focused we will narrow the target group of this article to students. As a student are you responsible for your actions, decisions by taking an active role in your learning process? As a student are you capable of being responsible? Are you making the right choices and taking the actions which will lead you to ultimately achieve your educational goals? If your answer is yes, then kudos to you because you are a responsible student who will surely be successfulbut if your answer is no, then you are being an irresponsible student and may not achieve the purpose of your academic interests. But there is hope and that is why this article has been researched and written purposely for you.

Becoming responsible for our actions is critical and relevant as a first step towards our academic goals. But the nagging question is that what steps can we undertake to become responsible students? The answers are not far-fetched, first of all as a student you need to set goals and targets for yourself. For e.g. “by the end of the academic year, I want to achieve grade A or Distinction in English Language.” “I want to be able to write reports by the end of the term.” “I want to correctly undertake referencing using the Harvard Style of Referencing by the end of the academic term/semester”. These are a few of the goals and targets you can set for yourself and note that it must follow the SMART goals concept – Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound.

Secondly, responsible students plan their time judiciously so that they can prepare adequately and turn in their assignments or coursework’s on time. When you have a plan you dare not fail but rather become responsible and time-conscious. Remember “if you fail to plan then you have planned to fail”. Responsible students always plan ahead of time so take note.

Thirdly, responsible students always learn and practice every day. They don’t wait till the last period before starting to “chew and pour” what have been taught. Rote learning is not the best but rather instrumental learning is good for you. Do well to learn and study everyday so that you can be well prepared for the assessments that come with your course of study. Responsible students always learn every day because it makes them ready to answer successfully their assessments so do same to be responsible.

Furthermore, adopt the skill of note taking in class if you want to be successful and become responsible. Most instructors and learners will always give you tips and points relevant to successfully passing your assessments so make sure your notes and jotters are always available to take notes. Responsible students take notes and revise them before taking any exams or assessments so do same to be responsible.

Moreover, responsible students make sure they take all their textbooks, calculators, learning materials etc. with them when they go to college. Do you do the same? If yes then you are a responsible student, if not then you need to buck up. If you are in studying business mathematics and you are supposed to bring your calculator in class but fail to do so, then you will find the lesson very difficult to follow. So be wise and make sure you take along all your learning materials when you go to class.

In addition, responsible students are committed by ensuring that when they are given any task by their assessor or lecturers they do them on time, when they are in a group undertaking a project, they do their assigned part on time and take responsibility to motivate their team members in the group to finish on time. Doing this makes them intrinsically motivated.

Last but not the least; responsible students are careful with the choices they make because they are aware of the consequences. For e.g. the choice of food, lifestyle, friends and almost everything we need to select has consequences. Be aware that as a responsible student the choice you make today can affect you tomorrow. So be wise and chose well to continue being responsible.

In sum, at London School of Management Education (LSME) we are proud to support all our students to be responsible because we believe that is the way to go. Students are therefore encouraged to become responsible by taking an active role in their learning because they will be ultimately accountable for their academic success.

Student responsibility occurs when they make their own choices and take actions which will lead to the ultimate achievement of the goals / results they desire.

Take responsibility for your actions now because it will make you or unmake you. Have a blessed week and share this good information with others.

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