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The Power of Belief – A Critical Success Factor in Academic Pursuit

The Power of Belief

Do you believe in yourself? Do you have trust in your own capabilities and abilities? Are you intrinsically motivated to achieve a set task and objective? If you answered to yes for all these three questions posed, then you are ready for success in any endeavour you aspire to be. You are amongst the estimated fifteen percent (15%) of the world’s population who have self-esteem and believe in themselves.

A staggering eighty five percent (85%) of the world’s population lack self-esteem. Most of us do not have the relevant and high self-esteem to tackle the issues and problems bothering us. We feel unworthy, unfulfilled and dejected with life’s challenges. We cannot cope with our daily struggles and feel that we would not be accepted by others.

The difference between an excellent learner and a poor learner is not necessarily an issue of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) but the simple fact is that excellent learners believe in themselves and are ready to use their brain effectively. Not believing in one’s self is as a result of having a negative self-esteem of not being capable or good enough to undertake or achieve anything. When one has no confidence in themselves, they tend to think they are not good for anything. As the saying goes, “Think like the person you want to become”.

According to Dr. Sarita Parhi, a trained educational psychologist of high repute, having low self-esteem can be traced back to one’s childhood when children are forced to conform to their parent’s beliefs even though they may developmentally not ready to do it. For instance, a parent might want their child to always sit down and learn whilst the child may want to play or interact with their friends in the neighbourhood.

The parents are of the belief that the child must sit down and study whilst the child may also feel that after school he needs to relax and catch up with friends. Inevitably, according to Dr. Sarita Parhi, the child might give in to their parents’ demands and this may begin the low self-esteem and self-belief journey of the child,which will be manifested in their future.As one grows from childhood to adulthood, there is no self-belief in our own abilities to excel and take certain decisions due to the nature of our upbringing. We doubt ourselves and capabilities, we think negatively about our own abilities, we have a constant fear of failure and talk negatively about ourselves.

Nevertheless, there is hope for us to heal our painful past and uncover the source of our diminished low self – esteem and lack of belief in our capabilities. The first secret to regaining your self – esteem is to believe in yourself. You need to have trust and faith in yourself. Do not look down upon yourself. Know that you are capable of achieving whatever task or activity you decide to embark on. You need to control your attitude in order for the situation to be dealt with accordingly and appropriately.

Secondly, you need to create a vision or goal for yourself in terms of short term, medium term and long term. This vision or goal will motivate you to believe in yourself every day until you achieve them. Setting your goals or vision for the future must be carefully done by assessing on your current state of affairs and undertaking a personal appraisal using the SWOT analysis. Enumerate your strengths and your weaknesses in order to know what qualities you can establish and manifest as your own.

Last but not the least; you need to be at place where you will be motivated to believe in yourself. When you are at an institution where you are motivated to believe in yourself then you are on the pathway to self-esteem and self-belief. London School of Management Education (LSME) has well attested procedures and processes that make you have belief in yourself to enable you achieve your personal and professional goals. According to a Darren Hardy Quote, “The strongest factor for success is self – esteem; Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, and believing you will get it”. You have the power to do it so do it; you have the ability to solve it so solve it; you have the mentality to accomplish it so accomplish it. Self-esteem and self-belief can be realised when you begin to master your thoughts and control what you think.

At LSME, we have systems that enable you to have faith and trust in your own abilities to achieve goals. Having self-esteem and self-belief is linked to greater educational and academic achievements, being creative and having the ability to solve problems with relevant skills. We make sure that you have the willpower, determination, strength of mind and self – discipline to achieve your set targets. Our dedicated staffs are ready to support you every step of your academic journey with quality.

LSME creates the serene and conducive environment with a guided pathway that enables the learner to have the self-belief and confidence to achieve their goals.

Arguably, one needs to find a place where the atmosphere is right and congenial to their learning needs, especially when it comes to the issue of having self-belief and one of the best locations where that serene environment can be experienced is the London School of Management Education (LSME). Every learner is supported to have self-belief irrespective of their background. Every learner is made to feel unique and this is a good therapy for the learner to believe in themselves and their capabilities. Every learner deserves the right and chance to explore their own potential and at LSME we make it possible. Every learner’s pain is our pain whilst their success is our success. We offer you the best counseling to erase your negative beliefs, build your momentum and replace them with positive ones.

“Accept that you are created to believe in yourself”

“We are what we believe we are”

—– and at LSME we believe in you.

Have the best of week and share this message with your friends, neighbours and everyone who deserves to be encouraged in believing in their own abilities.

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