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Power of Mental Exercise – 5 Methods to Archive it

The Power of Mental Exercise - LSME

Most of us know about exercising our bodies by going to the gym, taking a walk or running,
biking, by swimming doing yoga, etc. But, have we ever thought of exercising our brains?
Most of us will answer no but there are exercises that will help sharpen our brain and increase
our intelligence.

It is a fact that certain types of activities go a long way to boost our brain’s health and make us
smarter. Engaging your brain in an activity will strengthen your mind and make you make better
decisions that will be beneficial in both your personal and professional life because you will be
mentally sharper and cognitively better.

5 Effective Methods to Boost Cognitive Health and Intelligence

In order to make your brain sharper and smarter, the London School of Management Education (LSME) editorial team came up with these five
(5) methods to enable you to exercise and train your brain effectively:

  1. We encourage all our students to draw a mind map of their home/residence to the
    premises of LSME by closing their eyes. Do well to include all the landmarks and notable
    streets and once you are completed compare your mind/memory map with a real map
    to see whether you did well.
  2. Learn something new – whether is a new sport, a new game, or a new skill. Learn how
    to play piano, play guitar, draw, paint, a new dance, play chess, and play
    snooker etc.
  3. Learn to meditate because for over 1,000 years meditation has proved very effective
    based on research by psychologists and alternative health practitioners. Meditation
    can help improve our focus, attention, and immunity.
  4. We encourage you to be in a group and socialize because research indicates the more
    you work together with friends, classmates, pals, etc. the more your brain functions
    effectively and lowers the risk of developing dementia in the future.
  5. Challenge yourself by using your non-dominant hand and see how it works. For
    example, if you are a right-handed person try using your left hand to write, bathe, eat,
    to wash and see how challenging it is because it will be quite difficult and that sharpens
    brain activity.

Cultivating the habit of mental exercises is very beneficial.

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