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Thinking of a new career this New Year? Why not consider becoming a Teacher.


The teacher training programme at the London School of Management Education (LSME) will provide you with all the skills and confidence you need to walk into a classroom and teach. No matter where you are deployed to teach, be it in a school or at a factory floor, the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET), will shape your skills and provide you with a good grounding in the art of teaching.

At LSME which is based in the heart of Barking in East London, you will receive high-quality training which on successful completion culminates in the award of the globally recognised Pearson Diploma in Education and Training. This training includes the mentoring and support provided by LSME’s qualified professional lecturers who will assist you to become a great teacher. The DET programme also requires teacher trainees to spend a minimum of hundred hours in a classroom situation so that valuable classroom experience is gained. The training and classroom experience sessions will quickly settle you into the teaching rhythm and build your confidence so that when you take over a class, you would never feel like having been dropped into the deep end.

LSME has produced several hundred teaching graduates in the last few years at its campus in Barking, East London, The Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is a qualification accredited by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

LSME’s teacher training programme will ensure that as a DET qualified professional, you will be able to guide your students to achieve their academic goals and at the same time would enable you to experience the emotional rewards of teaching. Some of these rewards include building long lasting relationships with students who you would be attending to frequently during the academic week. In a school environment you may have the same students over the course of a few years and you may have the opportunity to build relationships with their parents as well. This access to students would enable you to monitor their progress and provide you with the opportunity to see how your teaching methods have benefited them.

At the inaugural International Conference on Quality Management in Education which was organised by LSME in January 2015, Professor Tapati Mukherjee presented a paper titled ‘Teacher’s Education: Is Teaching an in-born Quality or can it be acquired’. Her paper stressed the need for a balanced emphasis on knowledge, attitude, behaviour and skills to enable effective teaching not only confined within the four walls of a classroom but also to the wider community at large.

This New Year, if you are thinking of a new career or planning a change in career, you should seriously consider teaching. You will find it to be rewarding as you take your students through the journey of discovery. It will transform you and your students. Not many jobs have the same positive impact on the daily lives of so many people who have benefited from good teachers. As a result, teachers are admired for the work they do. In fact, each year on the 5th of October, UNESCO celebrates World Teachers’ Day.

Make a start now. Visit the LSME website on and find out how you can meet your aspirations and inspire others in the process.

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