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Your aspiration to success Teacher Training in LSME

Your aspiration

Do you aspire to teach? Why not visit the London School of Management Education to find out more about teacher training and how this could meet your aspiration.

It is often quoted that “Anything not understood in more than one way is not understood at all.” The challenge for a good teacher is to take a classroom on a voyage of discovery. There is ample research on the advantages of the story telling approach to teaching over the traditional lecture method (Mohapatra & Dash, 2016). There is also ample research done to show that computer aided instruction enhances the learning process (Narang, 2016). However, before one can teach, one has to learn how to teach. It is important to have a globally recognised teaching qualification and this is offered by the East London based London School of Management Education which offers the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET). Educators know that good teachers are made (Knapp, 2012). Even the most blessed teacher would benefit from a teacher training course. No matter how gifted, all the teachers can benefit from training in pedagogy. We may be born with the talent of teaching, but a teacher training course will shape our skills and get us into the art of teaching.

In recent years there has been an ever increasing demand for teachers as the numbers of school going children has increased and the number of schools has correspondingly increased. The UK government realized the importance of training more teachers as there is a lack of teaching professionals in the market. The London School of Management Education (LSME), which has its campus in Barking, East London, has produced several hundred teaching graduates in the last few years. It offers the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, which is a qualification accredited by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Your aspiration

How a teaching training course (DET) can shape talents and transform people with skills?
Learning does never stops. We learn every day from other people and from our own experiences. Teachers continue to develop their skills through their classroom experiences and other professional development courses. Many teachers will not be afraid to say that they learn even from their own students or together with them. When compared to the past, when a traditional teacher was seen as a source of information and as a person who knows everything, these days teachers are seen as facilitators of learning who can easily say things like “I don’t know, let’s find the answer together”. The DET course offered by LSME enables you to gain the qualifications and the work place experience to enable you to facilitate the learning process. LSME is also at the forefront of the latest research work as it promotes conferences and publishes papers on Responsible Research in Education.

If you are thinking of what career to follow, or planning a change in career, why not consider teaching. You will find it to be rewarding as you take your students through the journey of discovery. It will transform you and your students. Make a start now. Visit the LSME website on and find out how you can meet your aspiration and inspire others in the process.

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