LSME Entrepreneur Role Models Programme


LSME Entrepreneur Role Models Programme was announced by the Executive Director of the College, Dr Ravi Kumar at the Student Entrepreneurship Development Session on 5th March 2019. While addressing the aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr Kumar said that he is impressed by the business instinct, the creativity and the exemplary entrepreneurial traits of some of the students. He believed that this talent pool could be utilised to groom latent talents that are just waiting to be nurtured. He said LSME will source resources and engage external partners in further expanding this exciting initiative.

The Programme is part of LSME’s Student Engagement strategy aimed at improving employability and self-employment of students. Through the Role Model and Mentorship Programme, LSME will provide various avenues for students to develop entrepreneurial skills through interaction with employers, exposure to the business world, training and skills development and through regular mentoring. The project is a platform whereby students would have the opportunity to hone their skills, build self-confidence and develop market readiness.

The Following five students have been selected as the first batch of Entrepreneur Role Models of LSME due to the extra-ordinary journey they have taken in life becoming entrepreneurs by beating all odds and showing great resilience.

Farhana is a Cakes Specialist, who combines her artistic talents with a craft she learnt from her mother and never gave up her urge to study. She feels her originality and ability to connect with her clients gives her an edge in the business.

For Fatima, doing creative makeup is not only a passion but something that moved her closer to her family and friends. There is nothing stopping her now!

Photography started as a hobby for Cosmin but it eventually took over him. He has higher ambitions to take his photography skills to challenge the greatest players in the market.

Helena fought all odds to prove that she is staying in the fashion industry. Little by little she put together an enterprise and mustered her confidence in carving a niche for herself in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Care Home Entrepreneur Julie, set up a small outlet to provide a Care Service together with a group of friends as a bold venture without much study of the market. Finding a huge void of service in the care sector and great demand, she grabbed the opportunity to expand and strengthen her enterprise.

LSME is proud of its talent pool and is determined to provide many exciting opportunities this Academic year to its aspiring students aiming to produce future-ready business leaders.

LSME Entrepreneur Role Models


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