Cosmin Albis


My name is Cosmin, passionate about capturing the present, fixing the past and conquering the future through photos.

In 2000, I left my country to travel around the world, was a bit confused and never knew what I wanted. Travelling through Europe, I decided to stop in the UK to rediscover myself and find a route to my personal evolution.

In 2013, going through a major depression, I felt the passion for life through my veins shaking my soul and making me live in the present moment; enjoying everything that surrounds me and what life began to offer.

Finding a passion for photography and seeing the world differently through camera lenses gave me a deep desire to learn day and night everything about photography especially retouching and editing using various complex software applications such as Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom and more.

Photography helped me to see in darkness and to appreciate the light by capturing the present, fixing the past and conquering the future and today it combines my passion and business.

I decided to study business management at LSME because I believe doing business is one of the basic aspects of human life. This course helps me to develop my business and communication skills, enabling me to effectively interact with people and most importantly giving me the techniques to grow my own business.

Very proud of my photo print and product based studio which focuses on creating beautiful arts and unforgettable memories for people, walls, portfolio, social media, etc.

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