Fatima Arfan


After completing my GCSEs, I was very stubborn yet motivated to follow my passion and love for makeup and chose not to go down the academic route, which raised a lot of eyebrows and doubts. The judgement of others did not discourage me. In fact, it motivated me even more to pursue my dreams. I went on to complete my Diploma in Beauty Therapy and then my Diploma in Media Makeup and Hair. After finishing my trainings, I started working full-time, and that moulded me into the more confident and independent woman that I am today. However, working in retail made me realise that it was not for me. I like being my own boss, creating art and expressing my feelings through makeup which is a beautiful form of art often looked down on and questioned by many. So, I started doing freelancing and controlling the looks I created. I learnt to organise my life and schedule it better. I set up a professional Instagram @faceby.fatima to start building my portfolio. I also started a YouTube channel (faceby.fatima) which was like therapy and helped me put my stress into art and create.

Being a young adult of the new generation is very challenging as we are always being compared, both career-wise and lifestyle, which I feel is very toxic and makes mental health awareness is so important. I went through a time where I had a mental/creative block. I was very lost and had no motivation to continue with anything. Waking up felt like a chore,and I felt as if my life was going in a never changing simple and boring cycle. This was when I realised that I needed a change and structure in my life to get my motivation and determination back. This was when a family friend told me about LSME. For a while, looking around and seeing people going to university made me think twice, although I do not regret going to university earlier. Joining LSME is one of the best decisions I have made and cannot wait to see all the opportunities it is going to bring my way. I have a lot of ideas which I would love to and will,one-day give life to with confidence because of the support and guidance that I receive from LSME.

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