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LSME Visual Identity


LSME Logo Narrative

The LSME logo comprises two primary colours and two secondary colours. The primary colours are Red and Blue and the secondary colours are Maroon (which is a shade of Red) and Light Blue.

Red: This is considered to be an auspicious, warm and positive colour. It signifies passion and confidence.

Maroon: It denotes controlled and more thoughtful action. It is sophisticated, serious and indicates controlled power, determined ambition and dignified action. It also reflects universal harmony and emotional balance.

The lighter and darker shades of blue: The colour blue is idealistic, enhancing self-expression and the ability to communicate our needs and wants. It inspires higher ideals.

This spectrum of colour seeks peace and tranquillity above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

The Symbols

The two downward pointing Chevrons represent the provision of strong foundations to underpin the rising pyramid. Every level of the pyramid represents the attainment of skills and knowledge. The lighter blue section of the pyramid represents skills and the darker blue section denotes knowledge.

The whole logo comprising the colours, pyramid and chevrons represent the attainment of skills and knowledge in a tranquil and passionate setting as well as serving to encourage and inspire the achievement of academic goals.


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