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ASIC’s Chief Executive Visits LSME

ASIC’s Chief Executive

Maurice Dimmock, ASIC Chief Executive was invited to LSME for an official visit on 23rd November 2010.

The purpose of this memorable visit was to strengthen LSME’s relationship with ASIC and the UKBA. In its continuous effort to remain compliant as a UKBA Trusted Sponsored College in recruiting qualified and genuine international students. They delivering quality teaching and learning and supporting students to achieve their maximum academic potential. Whilst having their social and pastoral needs fully addressed; maintaining Quality Assurance and Enhancement as per ASIC. Also Awarding bodies’ standards and in compliance with UKBA regulations.

Maurice expressed much interest in LSME policy and system of monitoring and tracking international students’ attendance and academic progress. This took him journeying from the Director and Principal’s offices to lecture halls where he interacted with academic faculties and students as seen in the photographs below: ASIC’s Chief Executive

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