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BDCC Business Award Winner – July 2017

BDCC Business Award

Each year the Barking and Dagenham Chamber of Commerce (BDCC) business award honours local businesses that have made a substantial contribution to the development of the local community. LSME competed with many other organisation and won this year’s award for Training, Development and Supporting Education only a year after winning a similar award for the Use of Digital Media and Innovations.

Training Development and Supporting Education category was opened to all businesses in the Barking and Dagenham Borough and was sponsored by Coventry University. LSME was chosen as winners based on our ability to identify workforce needs of the institution and demonstrate commitment to training and development of our staff and critically evaluate the impact of training on the institution. Staff training has improved the confidence funding bodies, accrediting institutions and students have on the standards and quality of the programmes delivered at LSME.

In the Award ceremony, the organisers noted how LSME has an impressive record with Education and Training within the Borough drawing attention to the fact that the institution is young and yet it has been able to overcome the challenges that many businesses in the Borough face in integrating staff development and operational demands. The institution was praised for its dedication and robustness and the potential to help other employers within the Borough in the area of staff development and training.

After collecting this prestigious award, Dr Ravi Kumar extended his gratitude to his members of staff and Principal of the institution Dr Sarita Parhi for their excellent work. He indicated that the amazing results involved the commitment and hard work of all staff of LSME.

As part of our community support, LSME supported the BDCC event by volunteering to sponsor the award for Young Business Entrepreneur. This category was opened to businesses, voluntary and community organisations within the Borough that have contributed to the local community within the last 12 months.

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