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Employer Engagement Forum

LSME orchestrated a highly successful Employer Engagement Forum, fostering connections between students and industry professionals to gain first-hand insights into workplace expectations and opportunities. The event was characterised by a dynamic mix of in-person and online interactions, enabling mindful employer to share their expertise and directly address student queries.

The forum began with an introduction on bridging academic learning and professional requirements. Employers from various sectors, including healthcare, business and teacher training, provide tailored advice to students from different courses. Employers emphasised the importance of technical and soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Students had the opportunity to ask questions about job roles, career paths, workplace culture, and professional development.

Feedback from student engagement was highly positive. They appreciated the practical advice and clearer understanding of professional expectations. Employers value the platform for connecting with future employees and understanding their perspectives.The Employer Engagement Forum at LSME effectively prepared students for their careers, highlighting the importance of continuous engagement between academia and industry.

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