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International Women’s Day Event

The 8th of March 2024 marked International Women’s Day, where everyone joins to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and foster progress towards gender equality. The London School of Management Education (LSME) celebrated International Women’s Day in line with this year’s theme, #InspireInclusion. The LSME organised a week-long series of classroom-based activities, where students delivered speeches, shared their inspiring stories of women in society, past and present, and gave group presentations to highlight the importance of this day.

We organised the main event on the 8th of March 2024. All students were encouraged to celebrate the unity fostered by International Women’s Day. We emphasised this year’s theme, #InspireInclusion, and highlighted the connection between this theme and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Gender Equality. The Programme Teams then took the stage to present key female figures in their respective fields, highlighting their contributions and achievements. These presentations inspired students and celebrated the accomplishments of women in various industries.

The event concluded with presentations from students, who shared their perspectives on what International Women’s Day means to them and how they understand the concept of inspiring inclusion. These student-led presentations offered personal insights and reflections, adding depth and diversity to the event.

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