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London School of Management Education (LSME) Convocation Ceremony 2022

The 2022 Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony for LSME graduates was held on the 18th of November at the Mayfair Venue in Romford, London. Over two hundred people attended the ceremony to witness the presentation of Diplomas and Special Awards to students graduating with the BSc (Hons) Degree in Health and Social Care and Business Management and the Diploma in Education and Training qualifications.

The event was attended by Her Excellency, Ms Saroja Sirisena, the High Commissioner of Srilanka, Lady Shaida Sheikh, Cllr Thavathuray Jeyaranjan, the Mayor of Redbridge, Professor Simeon Keates, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Chichester, Professor Stephen McKinney, University of Glasgow, and many other VIP guests from academic, political, local government and private sectors within the UK.

In a welcome address, the Principal of the College, Dr Sarita Parhi, congratulated the graduating classes and members of staff of the institution for their outstanding efforts in supporting their learners during their academic journey. She provided an insight into the progress made in the last academic year on student achievement and retention. Her remarks also focused on student satisfaction, expansion of the academic portfolio, the success achieved via the access and participation projects. She highlighted the progress made by the new Employability and Enterprise Hub (EEH) in supporting students with employability skills. She urged the newly qualified graduates to register with the alumni and make use of the enormous opportunities offered by the EEH.

H.E. Ms Sirisena, who gave the keynote address, appreciated LSME for making her a part of this celebration and congratulated the graduating students for their achievement. She highlighted the virtues of education as she recalled some of her earlier experiences with pushy parents whose sacrifices may have helped the graduates to progress to where they are today. She added that graduating is the end of one era and the beginning of another, advising the graduates to take the new knowledge to the world and make use of it.

Professor Stephen McKinney congratulated the graduates for their hard work, dedication and the need for them to celebrate the day to the fullest, irrespective of the current challenges we may be facing both nationally and globally. He thanks all staff of LSME for their hard work and pastoral care provided to the students. He also commended Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME and Dr Sarita Parhi, the Principal of LSME for their exemplary leadership and for creating a friendly and warm community for students to flourish and feel valued.

In his congratulatory remarks, Dr Peter Gray, focused on the quality associated with all the activities undertaken by LSME. He compared the LSME graduation to others he had attended and commended the team for the good quality process in place for learning and graduation. He urged the graduates to continue to work hard and to think about the quality of whatever they are doing in the real world.

The Mayor of Redbridge expressed his delight for being part of the LSME graduation, congratulated the graduands, and stressed the importance of education as a tool for social mobility. He expressed his believe that their education will open the right doors and urged everyone to support them in their journey ahead. He also thanked their families for giving them the support required during their educational journey.

A special session was dedicated to Lord Sheikh for his remembrance and a tribute was paid by all the delegates, students and staff of LSME.

The successful students were conferred with their degrees and diplomas. Special Awards were presented to outstanding graduates in recognition of their accomplishments throughout their study period.

The overall Best Student of the Year Award was presented to Catalin Ionel Dorneanu for his overall outstanding performance.

Convocation Ceremony 2022

Best Student of the Year Award
Catalin Ionel Dorneanu

In a closing remark, Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME, recognised all the VIP guests and congratulated the newly graduated students and he urged them to continue to acquire more knowledge and focus on personal development. A special appreciation for the continued support and guidance from our academic partners from the University of Chichester was the highlight of the future plans of the institution.

The atmosphere presented a unique opportunity for guests, graduates and students to interact with the dignitaries and the staff of LSME.

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