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Looking Beyond 2020: New Dynamics of Business & Finance in the post-Covid Era

LSME New Dynamics of Business

The London School of Management Education (LSME) hosted an international seminar (New Dynamics of Business & Finance) aimed at exploring solutions to the challenges facing global business and finance in the post-COVID era. Attended by delegates across a wide range of international time-zones, the seminar began with a chastening account of the impact of first world financial assumptions on developing nations, in a measured and well observed Keynote address by Dr Faizal Najeeb, Former Governor of the Maldives Central Bank. A panel of invited cross-industry experts shared their views on potential solutions for the issues raised in the Keynote, with major themes including international ethics, access to education and the inequity of global financial systems seen from the perspective of less affluent nations. 

The delegates were actively engaged throughout with the Panel and Keynote, with questions arising around UN Principles for Sustainable Development, ideological influences on access to education, principles for uniform access to technology for societal good and approaches for reducing the growing wealth gap being driven by global capitalism. Panel members set out their visions for a brighter more equitable future. The event was expertly chaired by Professor Stephen McKinney, University of Glasgow.

The International Seminar series continues in 2022, with new sessions planned for early autumn.

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