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LSME 9th International Conference on Global Education and the Green Economy – Book Launch for Published Papers

The London School of Management Education (LSME) hosted an online Book Launch event for the publication of papers compiled and peer reviewed following the successful delivery of the 9th International Conference in August 2022.

Over 140 registrations were received for the event, which included participants from the UK, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Brazil and North America. Guests at the event were welcomed by the Conference Chair, Professor Stephen McKinney of the University of Glasgow, and enjoyed highlights including a special address from Dr Aamaal Ali, former Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights and former Permanent Secretary to the Minister for Education, Maldives. Dr Ali, speaking from the Maldives, set out a rousing call to action for all concerned with taking positive action towards climate change, noting the importance of contributions from forums such as the LSME International Conference series. Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME and the Conference Convener gave special remarks on the highlights of the 9th international conference and research book.

Another innovation at the event was the reprising of two papers previously delivered at Conference, by researchers in India and Nigeria, who outlined key findings and highlighted impacts arising from their work.

  • Dr Anitha Sannakamaiah introduced a paper exploring the challenges facing slum-dwellers and their children in accessing basic education. The study looked at 6 out of 45 slum areas in India and explored how education can be brokered more effectively through social work interventions targeted at construction workers. Working with an NGO the researchers placed children into educational situations, and interacted with their parents in order to encourage them to ensure the children continued to access the amenity. The study found that there was a strong correlation between the intervention and educational outcomes of the children involved.
  • Mr Mohammed Vazeed talked about his paper on the impact of Digital Orientation on Digital Supply Chain Adoption in retail in Nigeria, which looked at digital awareness and whether businesses were willing to adopt a digital approach to supply chain issues post Pandemic. Using statistical analyses, the study found that a number of significant factors impact the propensity of small businesses to adopt digital supply chain approaches. In particular, being digitally alert, passionate and curious were found to be the most relevant factors to the successful adoption of digital supply chain processes.

Following the formal launch of the ‘Open Access’ publication itself, the LSME Principal, Dr Sarita Parhi announced the next in the ongoing Conference series, which will take place online on 25th and 26th October, hosted once again by LSME in London.

A vote of thanks was proposed by the LSME Vice Principal, Dr Dolly Jackson-Sillah.

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