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LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022

Annual Convocation

A highly anticipated and energetically celebrated return to a face-to-face event saw the London School of Management Education (LSME) held its annual Convocation and Award Ceremony on the 6th of May 2022 at the Mayfair Venue in Romford. Over two hundred and fifty people attended the ceremony to witness the presentation of Diplomas and Special Awards to students graduating with the BSc (Hons) degree in Health and Social Care Management and Business Management, the Higher National Diploma in Business, Diploma in Education and Training and the Master of Education qualifications.

The event was honoured by the presence of Mr Sam Tarry, the MP for Ilford South, and Shadow Minister for Transport, Mr Samantha Pathirana, the Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Professor Stephen McKinney from the University of Glasgow, Professor Dave Cooper (Head of Business School: University of Chichester), Chris Dancer, the Head of Academic Partnerships at the University of Chichester, Dr Peter Gray of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and many other guests from academic, political, banking and private sectors within the UK.

In a welcome address, the Principal of the College, Dr Sarita Parhi, congratulated the graduating class and members of staff of the institution for their outstanding efforts in supporting their learners during their academic journey. She expressed her delight in being able to meet face-to-face after two years of lockdown and congratulated her students for their resilience and patience. She provided an insight into the progress made in the last academic year on student achievement and retention.

She particularly commended graduates for higher grade attainment in comparison with the previous year. Her remarks also focused on student satisfaction of over 95%, expansion of the academic portfolio, the success achieved via the access and participation projects, quality assurance, the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education and other relevant areas that have shaped the institution’s growth and development.

The MP Sam Tarry, who gave the keynote address, congratulated the graduating students for their achievement and revealed, to everyone’s delight, that he started his early career. He extolled the virtues of education as he recalled some of his earlier experiences. He also praised the efforts of the academic staff and management of LSME for being hugely instrumental in guiding and moulding the newly qualified graduates. He congratulated the newly qualified graduates and urged them to remain empowered by their achievement to reach out to others and challenge boundaries and obstacles that may stand in their way.

Professor Stephen McKinney paid tribute to the staff and Directors of the institution, for leaving an indelible legacy of achievement, professionalism and an ethos of transforming people with skills. He congratulated the graduating students, urging them to honour the qualification they have worked extremely hard for.

Dr Peter Gray urged the graduating students to be proud of their association with LSME, adding that the institution ranks at the very top of all other institutions although it does not appear on the university league tables, which in his assessment, are flawed and inconsistent. He once again commended all staff and students for their efforts and hard work.

Mr Samantha Pathirana congratulated the graduands and stressed the importance of education as a tool for social mobility. He also urged them to continue in their quest for a successful ending by forging ahead with personal growth and development as they embark on their journey of life.

Mr Hassan Shifau congratulated the graduating students and reiterated the dangers of being over-confident and the need to recognize the importance of teamwork and partnership. He also commended the directors of the institution for their astounding and relentless efforts.

Our successful students were conferred with their degrees and diplomas. Special Awards were presented to outstanding graduates in recognition of their accomplishments throughout their study period. Some of our graduating students presented their testimonies highlighting their student experience, their gratitude to the institution and what they have achieved as a direct result of the education they received from LSME. The volunteers were recognized for their support in the smooth running of proceedings during the ceremony.

Overall Best Student of the Year Award was presented to Mr Jean Koffi for commitment, self-motivation, peer support and excellent attendance and academic progress. In his appreciation, Mr Koffi indicated that the recognition has reinforced his belief that hard work is rewarding and has inspired him to strive for excellence in future endeavours. He expressed his appreciation for the unexpected prize and for all those who made it possible for him to be where he is today.

A closing remark, Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME, recognized all the VIP guests and reminded the audience of the future plans of the institution in the area of research development, the inauguration of the Employability and Enterprise Hub, further expansion of academic portfolio and the long term plan to obtain degree awarding powers. He extended his sincere gratitude to all VIP guests, graduates and members of staff of LSME.

LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022

Mr Jean Koffi

The Best Student of the Year 2022 AY
Award Presented by Dr Sarita Parhi, The Principal of LSME

LSME Annual Convocation 2022-51 Dr-Sarita
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation Ceremony 2022
LSME Annual Convocation 2022
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