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LSME Annual Event


The first LSME end of academic year 2009/2010 get-together was held on Thursday 22nd July 2010 at Mahatma Gandhi Hall of Indian YMCA, London on the theme ‘Celebrating a Transformational Experience through Quality Education’. The MCs for the programme which was scheduled to start at 5.00pm were Mr Kwaku Frimpong Darkwa (Head of the Management Department) and Ms Shaivi D.R. (Training Manager).

The programme was graced by the presence of Dignitaries including Mr James Cowlin and Mr Wagas Baig from EDEXCEL.

The Welcome address was given by Dr Ravi Kumar, Visionary, Founder and Director of LSME. In his address, Dr Ravi highlighted the historical background and developmental stages, success stories, and some challenges of this noble institution of learning, LSME, where lives are transformed with skills and destinies of future leaders and managers are shaped. Dr Ravi inspired and challenged his staff and students to learn and strive to do things differently because it is the distinguishing factor between ordinary and extra-ordinary people, dreamers and achievers.

The Principal, Dr Sarita Parhi, was the next person to address her lovely students, staff and invited guests. Dr Sarita commended the students who complied with UKBA and College rules and regulations especially regular attendance in the last academic year explaining the need and importance of maintaining key disciplines of life with hard work and focus in order to build and achieve a great future. Dr Sarita informed the house that there would be various categories of prizes and awards for deserving students.

In the speech, the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour, James Cowlin and Waqas Baig were full of gratitude for the honour and privilege of being part of LSME’s celebration. While encouraging serious hard work of students, they expressed the pleasure of the opportunity of working closely with LSME. They clarified the position, role and functions of EDEXCEL as an Awarding Body and stressed on the EDEXCEL’s strict quality control standards. They announced that LSME is one of the best Centres of UK which comply the national qualification standards set by the EDEXCEL.

As part of the agenda for the progamme, Certificates of Completion were awarded to students who successfully completed their offered courses; Certificates of Excellence and presents in different forms were given to students who distinguished themselves in different capacities including Best Attended Students, Best Improved Students, Best Contributors in Class, Best Role-model Student.

Other side attractions that made the evening very interesting were Song and Dance Performance by students among other things. Dinner was served. It was such a memorable occasion for all with photo shoots and video coverage and it goes down the record books of LSME as one of our greatest ceremonies.

Arrival of students, staff and dignitaries
Introduction of dignitaries by Ms Mary S, Admin Manager
Welcome address by LSME Director: Dr Ravi Kumar
Speech by LSME Principal: Dr Sarita Parhi
Introduction of Cheif Guest by Mr Chris Damanka
Guest speaker’s speech
Introduction of guest of honour by Christian Damanka
Chief guest’s speech
Presentation of special certificates by special guests
Song performance by Shoba Shrestha, student
Dance performance by Gurvindar Kaur, student
Mimicry performance by Muthu Ramlingum, student
Magic tricks performed by Shahalam, student
Dance performance by Balakrishnan, student
Song performance by students
Juniors v/s seniors: Dumb Charade
Dance performance by Dipali and group
Closing speech by Lydia Mireku, Head of English Dept

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