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LSME Careers Fair 2019 – ‘A fantastic experience!’

LSME Careers Fair 2019

One of the students who attended LSME Careers Fair 2019 held on 19 November at London School of Management Education explained her feelings at the end of the event in just three words, she said, it was simply ‘a fantastic experience’. Likewise, majority of students expressed their satisfaction with the range of representations of potential employers from different fields, including British Army, Met Police, London Fire Brigade, care homes, training agencies, businesses, banking sector, special needs, volunteering services etc. Many including the employers expressed their delight to be part of the Panel Discussion, which led to lively and resourceful interactions between the students and the employers.

LSME organises its Careers Fair on annual basis attended by over hundreds of students. It provides an opportunity for the students to have face-to-face interactions with potential employers, explore employment opportunities and gather information to prepare themselves as per the job requirements. LSME always goes one step ahead of just bringing the potential employers and students together, by providing a platform for discussion and interaction in the form of a Panel Discussion. This segment is an avenue for students to learn about the job market dynamics, trends and requirements, including qualifications, skills, experience, attitude etc.

The panellists gave extremely resourceful interventions about the ins and outs of the professions they represented in an inspirational manner. The students appreciated the session as it opened up their minds, broadened their horizon and, at the same time gave a quick reality-check on the expectations of the employers.

At the end of the event, both the students and the agencies represented provided their feedback indicating high-degree of satisfaction over the output, arrangements and organisation of the event. Many students recommended repeating the event a few times over during the year.

LSME takes the opportunity to thank all the employers and agencies for very graciously attending and participating in the Panel Discussion, which made the event a great success.

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