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LSME Concludes its Sixth of the International Research Conference Successfully

International Research Conference 2019 News

There is always an uneasy relationship between politics and research… but it is paramount for politicians and policy makers to ground their arguments in research” said Lord Sheik, alluding to the importance of responsible research at the Opening Ceremony of the 6th International Research Conference on ‘Responsible Research and Innovations in Management and Human Sciences’ organised by LSME from 31 July – 2 August 2019 at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London City.

The Conference attended by 70 delegates, featured research papers in wide ranging issues within management and human sciences in developed and developing countries. Two important Keynote Speeches delivered in the Conference included one on ‘Responsible Research and Innovations’ (RRI) presented by Professor Stephen McKinney from Glasgow University and the other on ‘Climate Change and Education: Time for a Revolution’ by Dr Peter Gray from NTNU, Norway. Experts in the areas of Medical Sciences including Cancer treatment and Medical Imaging, Management and Statistical Analysis presented Special Lectures, which provided in-depth knowledge and insight into the various topics being discussed.

While welcoming all the delegates, Dr Ravi Kumar the Convener of the Conference said that it is of vital importance that we prepare young researchers to conduct their research through the prism of social responsibility and accountability. The LSME Research Conference series is a platform for young and adept researchers to share their work and learn from each other.

Mayor of Redbridge Councillor Zulfiqar Hussain in his Special Remarks at the Opening, commenting on the significance of the conference said, “the theme of this international conference is of paramount importance since it seeks to establish procedures to better integrate societal needs in the process of research development and it is centred on the equal roles and responsibility of all stakeholders including societal actors and innovators”. He appreciated the plausible efforts of a College based in Redbridge in promoting responsible research internationally.

Highlighting LSME’s ambitious research agenda and how it links to the evolution of the institute, Mr Hassan Shifau, the Chief Research and Innovations Officer discussed the international collaborations and training programmes targeted at developing a new breed of researchers focussed on RRI. LSME Research Conference series is becoming a household name within the research communities.

The three-day conference concluded with much optimism being generated for the conference of 2020. The delegates and participants expressed their gratitude for the great learning and enriching avenue created by LSME for emerging researchers and experts from difference fields to come together for sharing their work and networking.

All delegates and participants received their certificates at the Closing Ceremony presided over by Lord Sheikh and Dr Mahmood Shougee, former Minister of Education and Minister of Tourism of Maldives as the Guest of Honour. Being witness to some of the key papers, Dr Shougee described the sessions as full of academic rigour and a source of inspiration for young researchers. Lord Sheikh concluded the Conference by expressing his eagerness to read the Research Book of the Conference soon.

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