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LSME End of 2013/2014 Academic Year Event


The end of the LSME 2013/2014 Academic year celebration was held on 17th of July at the Barking Learning Centre. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Hearing the Voice of Our Students”. The event was attended by invited guests, students and staff of LSME. It was student-centred, creating a unique and exciting opportunity for many learners to share their experiences.

The Executive Director of the institution, Dr Ravi Kumar opened the programme with a welcome and keynote address. In his address, he highlighted the key achievements of the institution from its inception in 2007, including the approval for public funding for teacher training programme through the Student Loans Company (SLC) and subsequent training of over a hundred teachers. The College also attained important milestones, such as the HTS sponsorship status, QAA Review of Educational Oversight and approved sponsor for the Skills Funding Agency in the 2013/2014 academic year, presenting a unique opportunity for further growth and expansion.

Dr Kumar stressed the importance of our student involvement in the proposed growth plans and the importance of maintaining their level of enthusiasm and motivation. Improvements made to the current library and computer lab facilities were as a direct result of valuing our student opinion. The address also reiterated the proposed plans for further improvement of the library, classroom facilities and the Virtual Learning Environment in the 2014/2015 Academic Year.

Qualification certificates were presented by Dr Sarita Parhi, the Principal and Chair of the Academic Committee to the successful students. This was preceded by a short congratulatory message from Dr Parhi who also expressed her gratitude to all students and staffs on their contribution in making this academic year a success.

Students were also recognised for their attendance, academic efforts, extracurricular involvement and peer-mentoring activities. Students in these categories were selected by the Academic and Departmental Committees with evidence generated from our existing student data. They were presented with trophies and memory sticks by the senior academic faculty members, Dr Dolly Jackson-Sillah, Ms Shaivi Ramkisoon, Ms Lydia Mireku and Mr Karl Quashie.

The best student award was presented to Mr Suthiratnam Niranjan by the Principal for his academic achievement, peer support, outstanding attendance record and overwhelming support in various extracurricular activities

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