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LSME Induction: 13th September 2018

LSME Induction

LSME marked the beginning of the 2018-19 Academic Year with the induction of new students for the Diploma in Education and Training (DET) and the BSc (Hons) Business Management (Full and Top-up Degrees) and the BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Management qualifications (Full and Top-up Degrees) on the 13th of September 2018. The half-day ceremony was attended by new students who are progressing onto the BSc qualifications awarded by the University of Chichester, prospective learners for Pearson DET, and members of staff of LSME.

The ceremony was the first part of a two-week long LSME induction programme aimed at introducing learners to their institution and acquainting them with the academic study skills required for their studies. Presenting the event, Dr Dolly Jackson-Sillah extended a warm welcome on behalf of the LSME community and introduced the key personnel to the inductees.

In his welcome address the Executive Director, Dr Ravi Kumar gave a brief overview of the history of the institution, its current governance structure, the evolution of student finance since 2012/13 and the current regulatory expectations which continue to unfold in response to the changing landscape of higher education in UK. He highlighted the key achievements of the institution, including our achievement of validation arrangement with the University of Chichester. He added that the institution is working with students to improve their engagement with College activities, stressing the importance of their views as key partners and not as customers.

The Principal of the institution, Dr Sarita Parhi also addressed the new learners on the academic standards of the College in the line with the University of Chichester. She stressed the importance of meeting relevant deadlines, attendance and the need for learners to make effective use of their time in order to achieve their obligations as students. She reiterated the ongoing academic support provided to learners to ensure achievement of their respective programmes. Student engagement and employer engagement with the academic curriculum were highlighted. She urged students to provide constructive feedback and engage in employer engagement/ career enhancement activities organised in the College every term. She also encouraged integration and unity amongst the student community.

In his short introductory remarks, Mr Hassan Shifau, the Chief Research and Innovations Officer of the institution, reiterated his role in governance and operations and his overall ambition to support the institution as it grows. He assured the new inductees of a warm and exciting academic journey with the institution and wished them the best of luck with their studies.

Other areas covered included an introduction to the Welfare and Pastoral Care provision, the College rules and regulations, Health and Safety arrangements, attendance and punctuality, coursework submission, the need for students to acquaint themselves with relevant policies and procedures outlined in their Students Handbooks and Programme Handbooks as well as with the academic regulations of University of Chichester. Students had the opportunity to ask relevant questions to clarify any doubts they may have in relation to their expectations. Some existing learners from the LSME student community shared their testimonies with the inductees. A warm vote of thanks was delivered. A quick tour of the facilities concluded the deliberations for the day.

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