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LSME is Going Pink on 18 October!

LSME is Going Pink

LSME is observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month and going pink on ‘Wear it Pink’ day – 18 October 2019. Every October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. This world-wide campaign enables to bring this important matter into the limelight and media attention.

We have joined this campaign to help raise funds for Breast Cancer research and increasing awareness on this life threatening condition through these little steps. Staff and Students will wear pink to mark the ‘Wear it Pink’ day, spread the message of early diagnosis and raise much needed funds to donate to a dedicated Breast Cancer charity. LSME is going pink

Everybody and anybody can help raise the funds by donating whatever you can and support raise awareness by talking to family, friends and colleagues. You can even contribute by even spreading the message through your social media outlets. Every little help counts!

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