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LSME Online Career Fair – 2021


LSME Online Career Fair 2021 retained its vibrancy and dynamism having gone virtual!

The redefined LSME Career Fair 2021 took place over 3 days on 18th, 20th and 21st May 2021. The first of the three segments of the Career Fair focused Business Management Department and employers and experts from business and other sectors were present to support the students.

The second segment targeted Health and Social Care students while the third aimed at reaching the Teacher Training students. Experts from relevant areas were invited to provide information about the current job market scenario, the skills required and expectations of the employers.

The new format of the Career Fair was designed keeping in mind, that longer online sessions lead to fatigue and diminishing returns on their attention and gains. Therefore, the first part of the session involved brief presentations from employers or experts present giving an overview of their trade and industry followed by breakout sessions with smaller groups.

The participations could have greater interaction with employer and experts in their smaller groups to clarify their doubts. They all came back to the main session to have few minutes of experience sharing before the end of the session. This format was much appreciated by the students and the presenters alike.

All the students enjoyed the limited yet intense interactions they had with the employer and the ability to network. Instead of the traditional one-off Career Fair, under this format there would be more such events held periodically to ensure extended support and networking opportunities for the students.

The representatives from the defence sector, banking sector, corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, health and care sector, business support and leadership trainers, educators, motivational speakers etc. who attended the sessions expressed their fulfillment being part of the event, while students expressed their gratitude to all the presenters. The also received good feedback from the students.

LSME extends a huge vote of thanks to all the employers and experts who participated in the LSME Online Career Fair 2021 making it a grand success. The interactive and joyous atmosphere created by the students made the event productive, impactful and fun.

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