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LSME Organises a Certified Training Session for Alumni on “Embracing the Future of Management: How to Partner Up with AI to Elevate your Leadership Role.”

London School of Management Education (LSME) organised a Certified Training Session for its Alumni on Saturday, the 27th of April 2024, on the theme “Embracing the Future of Management: How to partner up with AI to elevate your leadership role.” The session, held online, brought together esteemed Alumni members for an insightful session aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities in the era of artificial intelligence. With a focus on leveraging AI technologies to augment leadership roles, the session aimed to equip alumni with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of management.

During the session, participants were treated to a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, thanks to the expertise shared by Jack Witkowski, Data Scientist/ Data Journalist and Co-Founder of ChartPixel. The session covered various aspects of integrating AI into leadership practices, including decision-making, strategic planning, and organisational innovation.

Feedback from Alumni members has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the valuable training provided during the event. Participants found the session highly beneficial for their continuous professional development, highlighting its relevance to their respective career trajectories.

The training session was followed by an address by the Executive Director, Dr Ravi Kumar, who extended heartfelt appreciation to the trainer for delivering an exceptional session, noting the impact it had on the audience; and to all attendees for their active participation and contributions. Furthermore, in his address, he emphasised LSME’s commitment towards supporting Alumni to reach greater heights and encouraged Alumni to actively engage with the College.

The Executive Director’s address was followed by a brief address by the Principal, Dr Sarita Parhi who shared that it was a privilege to interact with many of the past pupils who she is immensely proud of. Moreover, she emphasised the importance of Alumni engagement in the learning process and encouraged them to share their experiences and insights with current undergraduate students, thereby enriching the academic community.

Project Lead, Ms Ravini Wickramasinghe expressed her gratitude for the active participation of the Alumni in the session. She also shared that more training, networking, and professional development opportunities, designed to benefit the Alumni, will be organised in the future. Project Coordinator, Mr Janith Perera delivered the vote of thanks and encouraged all Alumni to remain in constant contact with the College and to fully utilise the opportunities provided.

The success of the event underscores LSME’s commitment to fostering lifelong learning and professional growth among its Alumni network. By providing opportunities for continued education and networking, the College aims to empower its graduates to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

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