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LSME participates in the Rose Education Foundation (REF) programme in Scotland on 17th September. REF is a global charity which aims to provide support programmes, both internationally and in the UK, to help provide appropriate educational opportunities that enable many children and young people to enjoy a better future for themselves.

The main focus of the REF (in many countries of the world where education is not free and is therefore deprived to many children and young people because they can’t afford it) is to help provide funds for as many as possible to access an education which will help them to take more control of their futures and empower them to make choices about their careers. REF believes that educating children and young people yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world.

Through REF’s support of youth and community programmes, particularly based in the North East of England, REF endeavours to improve the life and social skills of teenagers in order to enhance the lives of the whole communities in which they live.

See below some photographs of LSME Director and Principal with Key Members of REF: LSME PARTICIPATES

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