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LSME Research Compendium 2022 Launch Event


LSME launches its Research Compendium 2022 at an online event organised to mark the occasion. This publication is comprised of the research papers presented at the 8th LSME International Conference on ‘Sustainable Development and Education’, held from 26th to 27th August 2021.

“It also warms my heart to see a great deal of cultural diversity brought on to this platform. I see many different regions represented, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas”, said Lord Sheikh in his address to the authors, participants and the special guests gathered online to celebrate the occasion.

The event began with the Conference Chairman, Prof Stephen McKinney of the University of Glasgow, giving the welcome address to the research community and commending the researchers, especially the early career researchers who contributed tremendously to the success of the conference. He also shared some of the highlights of the LSME 8th International Research Conference 2021.

One of the important highlights of the event was the expressions of an early career researcher, Parmindar, who passionately talked about her excitement in participating in successive conferences and her gratitude for being afforded the opportunity.

In addition to a message from Vice Chancellor Prof Rajan Welukar, Dr Peter Gray and Martin McAreavey addressed the gathering as Guests of Honour and inspired the delegates.

Lord and the Lady Sheikh did the honours of unwrapping and launching the LSME Research Compendium 2022 and while doing so, Lord Sheikh remarked that he is certain that the researchers can have their full satisfaction of putting their work forward out to the community and that it will be well received.

Mr Hassan Shifau made the announcement of the theme and important dates for the 9th LSME International Research Conference. The theme of the next conference is “Global Education and the Green Economy” and the dates of the Conference is from 18 – 19 August 2022. Further information on the theme, registration and important dates will be shared with the participants and made available on LSME’s website shortly.

The Compendium contains 41 research papers from Brazil, India, Greece, UK, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Netherlands and Bangladesh that were selected by the Peer Review Team. The publication is shared through the open access policy of LSME and will be available freely on its website for the benefit of the academic and research community.

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