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LSME Student Induction – October 2010


LSME, through its induction programme after every intake, makes the newly enrolled students feel at home. The students were introduced to the staff and welcomed by the Principal, Dr Sarita Parhi. The Director, Dr Ravi Kumar, spoke to the students about the UKBA policies, its rules and regulations, college and student responsibilities. The Principal and the Director exhorted the students about their attendance, progress in academic work and other course-related issues during their stay in UK as a student. They were also introduced to the college policies, rules and regulations, LSME 34, by Mr Kwaku Darkwah, Senior Lecturer, Management Department of LSME.

The Administration Manager, Ms Mary Suhasini, informed the students of the procedures for availing the student I-card, travel card, NHS registration, opening a bank account and National Insurance. This information is also made available to the students in the Welcome Pack and students’ handbook that they received on their arrival for the induction programme. Students were made aware of Fire Drill, Health and Safety issues by the Fire Marshall, Mr Christian Damanka, LSME Student Welfare Officer. Open Forum was a platform for the students’ queries to be heard. The programme closed with light refreshments and a word of thanks by Ms Lydia Mireku, Head of English Department of LSME. LSME Student Induction

Programme for LSME Induction

  1. Students’ arrival 9:00 – 9:30 am
  2. All inductees seated 9:45 am
  3. Commencement of programme 10: 00 am
  4. Introduction of staff: Mr. Christian Damanka
  5. Welcome message from Principal of LSME: Dr Sarita Parhi
  6. Basic LSME rules and regulations: Mr Kwaku Darkwah
  7. UKBA regulations delivered by the Director: Dr Ravi Kumar
  8. Student Bulletin & Responsibilities: Mr Christian Damanka
  9. Student ID card procedures from Admin Manager: Ms Mary Suhasini
    —- 30 Minutes Break —-
  10. Student oyster card application processes from Admin Manager: Ms Mary Suhasini
  11. NHS registration process from Admin Manager: Ms Mary Suhasini
  12. Opening a bank account process from Admin Manager: Ms Mary Suhasini
  13. Applying for National Insurance from Admin Manager: Ms Mary Suhasini
  14. Teaching methods assessment delivered: Mr Kwaku Darkwah
  15. LSME Virtual Learning System: Ms Shaivi Ramkissoon
  16. Fire evaluation plan/training by Fire Marshall: Mr Christian Damanka
  17. Questions and answers session (open forum)
  18. Student declaration
  19. Vote of Thanks: Ms Lydia Mireku
  20. End of programme.
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