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Mental Health Awareness Week

LSME celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week with a week-long series of events from 13th -17th May 2024, demonstrating its commitment to student well-being. This initiative aimed to enhance understanding and promote mental wellness within our community.

Throughout the week, lecturers engaged students in various activities to deepen their mental health awareness and knowledge. Each day featured multiple educational videos on various aspects of mental well-being, providing insightful and practical information. These videos served as a beginning for enriching class discussions, where students could share their thoughts, experiences, and reflections in a supportive environment.

In addition to these discussions, students were encouraged to write reflective notes on what they had learned and how they could apply these insights to their own lives. This exercise significantly contributed to personal growth and a deeper understanding of mental health issues, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and emotional resilience. The interactive sessions and reflective activities not only increased awareness but also built a stronger, more connected community. The week concluded with a renewed commitment to fostering a culture of openness and support regarding mental health. LSME’s Mental Health Awareness week was a remarkable success, leaving a lasting impact on our dedication to the holistic development of our students. It was a week of learning, sharing, and growing together, with the effects of promoting mental exercise and creating a nurturing educational environment long after the week’s end!

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