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National Careers Service (NCS) Career Consultations Workshops


LSME organised workshops on “Career Consultations” conducted by National Careers Service (NCS) on Monday, 5th March 2018 and Tuesday, 6th March 2018.

The sessions commenced with three advisors conducting individual appointments with students to find out about their past experiences and skills, their current commitments and their future plans upon completing the course.

The advisors gave them guidance and tips on how to write their CVs effectively, techniques and approaches to use when they attend interviews and what professional skills to possess if they want to be successful in the world of works.  The students had many questions for the advisors, such as how age and experience will.

Many of the students present found that they needed some clarity in their future aspirations. Although they had generic ideas in what they wanted to do, they were not sure of the steps necessary to fulfil their aim and ambitions upon the completion of their course of study and attainment of their qualification. The consultations were helpful in identifying areas for further development which will enable them to find employment in the sector of their choice. Some students had questions regarding their progression route / pathway after the completion of their course of study. Many students wanted to know the opportunities available for their enrolment into institutions for their top-degrees.

All student participants were very excited about the whole session and some of them expressed their appreciation for the conduct of the session because it had provided them vital information that has boosted their confidence and positioned them to get their dream jobs when they attend interviews. They opined that as matured people, they had some anxieties and apprehensions about getting access to quality jobs/ roles in the job market due to their age, but due to the workshop, they are now confident and hopeful of their future prospects.

In relation to how the sessions could be improved in the future, some students asserted that the College could invite specialist consultants who would better offer them bespoke advice on their career choices and options based on the trends in the UK employment sector. Notwithstanding of the students recommendation, they were full of appreciation for the career support offered by the advisors, but they felt that the advisors’ understanding in academic progression was somewhat limited and felt it would be helpful to invite educational consultants.

In addition, a large number of the students present were all of the view that it would be extremely beneficial to them when these training sessions and consultations would have been held earlier during the commencement of their course to guide them in their decision making on the choice of their courses at an earlier stage rather than at this time when they are far advanced in their course of stud.

Summing up, the students were tremendously happy and appreciative to the College in taking such an important initiative relevant to the progression of students and future career aspirations. National Careers Service

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