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LSME Induction – December 2009


LSME holds a special induction programme for newly enrolled students intake-wise. The purpose of our induction programme is not only to welcome our new students to the LSME family which is home away from home while they get acclimatised to their new environment, but also to inform and educate our new students about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of student-life in the UK; UKBA policies, rules and regulations regarding attendance, academic progress, course related issues and part-time work; College policies, procedures, rules and regulations – all well stipulated in the LSME student handbook; Fire Drill for fire awareness of all students and a question and answer time to ensure that our students are well informed and settled for serious academic work. All students are given a Welcome Pack and LSME Student Handbook.


  1. Students’ arrival 9:00 – 9:30 am
  2. All inductees seated 9:45 am
  3. Commencement of programme 10: 00 am
  4. Welcome message from Principal of LSME
  5. Basic LSME rules and regulations delivered from Student Welfare Officer
  6. UKBA regulations delivered from Compliance Officer
  7. Student bulletin from Student Welfare Officer
  8. Student responsibilities from Student Welfare Officer
  9. Student ID card procedures from Admin Manager

       —- 30 Minutes Break —-

  1. Student oyster card application processes from Admin Manager
  2. NHS registration process from Admin Manager
  3. Opening a bank account process from Admin Manager
  4. Applying for National Insurance from Admin Manager
  5. Teaching methods assessment delivered by from Training Manager
  6. LSME Virtual Learning Environment delivered by from Training Manager
  7. Fire evaluation plan/training from Health & Safety Expert
  8. Questions and answers session (open forum)
  9. Student declaration
  10. End of programme.
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