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Online Seminar Series at LSME

LSME Employer Engagement Strategy aims to support increased employability for students in a rapidly evolving environment and to effectively respond to and anticipate employers’ needs. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, educational institutions all over the globe had to adapt to this unprecedented situation in the best way they could to support and engage students in a new reality of online environment. That is why, LSME organised online seminars for Business Management students delivered by the employers and experts whom, LSME feels have a vital role in preparing students for successful careers and to help them acquire appropriate market skills.

The online seminars were conducted from 7th to 26th May and the following key topics were covered:

Business and Coaching Development, Bid Writing, Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business, Management and Managing People. To make these seminars more beneficial for the students, multiple cohorts were invited for each seminar which enabled high level of interaction with the Presenters and ensured ample opportunity for every student to gain best out of it. In addition, the areas covered in the seminars were in line with the curriculum which helped the students to connect the knowledge gained with the real-life examples.

Likewise, the majority of the students expressed their satisfaction with the workshops conducted as they found them highly informative and interactive in the process of planning their careers. Furthermore, the students appreciated the opportunity of being provided with additional resources from the presenters which will help them explore further information about delivered topics.

It goes without saying that the pandemic crisis affected all of us but LSME found it important to maintain its students engaged. LSME will continue to organise more online workshops and collaborate with employers who can come online and provide the students with the opportunity to learn about the job market dynamics in current situation, trends and requirements, qualifications, skills, experience and attitude.

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